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Jumping the Red Light: Fines and How to Pay Them
Nov 21, 2023

Jumping the Red Light: Fines and Payment Methods

As a motorist, it is your duty to ride your two-wheeler responsibly. The government has laid down rules and regulations to help people have a safe and secure time on the roads. If one fails to abide by these rules, it can not only mean that road safety is compromised but also a possibility of having to pay of fines and penalties. For instance, one should have mandatory third-party two-wheeler insurance so that they are financially covered in case of accidents. One important set of rules concerns traffic lights. If one jumps a red light, they must pay fines accordingly. For the uninitiated, jumping a red light refers to a person crossing a traffic intersection even when the traffic signal is red. If you have jumped a red light, it is advised to pay the fines as soon as possible. Failure to do so can lead to additional fines and penalties. To help you out, here’s a guide on the fines you need to pay in such a situation and where you can pay them.

What Happens if You Jump the Red Light?

Not heeding the red light and ignoring them is a serious traffic violation. By crossing the intersection at a time when vehicles are coming from the opposite side, you run a risk of causing accidents. Hence, if you jump the red light, this might occur:
  1. You will be called over by the traffic police present at the intersection.
  2. You will be asked to show certain necessary documents, such as: Driver’s licence, Vehicle registration papers, two wheeler insurance policy (covering a minimum of third-party liabilities), PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate
  3. Once these documents have been checked by the authority, they will issue a challan to you.
  4. If the traffic police personnel are not present, you might still be issued a challan, since the cameras at the traffic intersection can catch traffic violators. An e-challan might be issued to you in this case.
  5. Moreover, if any of the above mentioned documents are not available, you might have to incur additional fines/ penalties. Hence, you must check that all the documents are available and can be validated easily. For instance, check if your insurance coverage is valid. Ensure to carry out bike insurance renewal on time so that your coverage is valid at all times.

How to Pay Fines for Jumping the Red Light?

Once you have been issued a challan, you have around 60 days to pay the fine, either online or offline.

Online Payment of Fines for Jumping a Red Light

By paying the fines online, the process can be finished quicker. Here is an overview of the same:
  1. Visit the e-challan portal on the Parivahan website.
  2. Opt for the ‘online payment’ options tab on the portal.
  3. Choose the suitable alternative from the given options - challan number, vehicle number, driving licence number.
  4. Enter the required information as per the option chosen and enter the captcha.
  5. Pay the amount as written in the challan via any one of the many payment options available.
  6. Save the receipt that will be provided once the payment is made.

Offline Payment of Fines for Jumping a Red Light

You can also pay the challan fees offline via the following procedure:
  1. Visit the nearest police station with your challan.
  2. Proceed to the payment department of the police station and inform them of the challan payment.
  3. Pay the challan fees at the payment counter once your queries have been cleared.
  4. Save the receipt that you will be given once the payment has been processed.

Is the Fine for Jumping a Red Light the Same Everywhere?

You might be wondering what the exact fine for jumping the red light is. The fact is that the fines for traffic violations can differ from state to state. For instance, the signal jumping fine in Mumbai would be different from the fine for the same offence in Chennai. The fine amount may get updated from time to time. Hence, it is advisable to go over to the digital traffic website portal and get an idea of what the current fines are. It might encourage you to be more mindful of traffic rules. The fine may also depend on the consequences of jumping the red light. If an individual causes a major collision by violating this traffic rule, the fines may be higher and come with additional legal punishments. Thus, you must follow traffic rules carefully. It can help you save time and money as well as contribute to a safer environment on the road. You can also ensure the safety of others and legal compliance by making sure that you have the mandatory third party insurance for two wheeler coverage. *   * Standard T&C apply. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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