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High Security Number Plates
Nov 21, 2023

High Security Number Plates: A Complete Guide

For a country to develop rapidly, its roads and vehicles must be safe. The government of India has undertaken several initiatives to that effect. For instance, if you have a two-wheeler, it is important to have a bike insurance policy that provides third-party coverage. This ensures that any legal liabilities towards your bike are covered by the insurance company. In a similar vein, the government has also introduced the concept of a High-Security Number Plate. Also known as HSRP (High Security Registration Plate), such a plate is equipped with advanced technology to prevent its counterfeiting and tampering to reduce bike-related crimes. Here’s all you need to know about high-security number plates. From its features to its benefits, to how you can apply for one, we have covered it all.

What is a High-Security Number Plate?

Before we get into the details, let’s get a clearer idea of what a high-security number plate is.
  1. An HSRP is a type of license plate which is fitted with security measurements such that crimes and deceitful activities related to vehicle identification are prevented.
  2. An HSRP often contains a unique identification number, a hologram, and the two-wheeler’s registration number to ensure its authenticity.
  3. Presently, high-security number plates in India are mandatory for all types of vehicles, including two-wheelers.
  4. An HSRP is usually made out of durable materials, such as aluminium. This can help in deterring physical alteration of the number plate.

Benefits of a High-Security Number Plate 

The unique features of a high-security number plate can provide many benefits, such as:

- Preventing theft of the bike

Bike robbers often tend to replace the number plates of a bike to prevent its identification by the authorities. In place of the original plate, thieves forge and add counterfeit plates. However, in the case of an HSRP, this can be a very challenging task since its build makes it difficult to duplicate. Thus, it can prevent the theft of the bike to a great extent. Note: Even though the HSRP may make it difficult for your bike to be stolen, it may still benefit you to take precautions in case a theft does occur. Having a comprehensive bike insurance policy can help. Whether the bike suffers damage as a result of the theft or is deemed untraceable, adequate compensation is paid to the policyholder.  Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy. *

- Ensuring the authenticity of the bike’s registration

As mentioned earlier, a high-security number plate has a unique identification number and a hologram. These can help law authorities to ensure the authenticity of the vehicle. If a robber steals the bike and tries to sell it elsewhere, the real details of the vehicle would be revealed by checking the number plate. This can help prevent vehicle-related fraud to a great degree.

- Enhancing road safety 

By preventing theft and ensuring the authenticity of vehicles, an HSRP can help improve the state of road safety in India. It can help identify vehicles that have been involved in accidents and cases of traffic violations and similar activities.

How to Apply for a High-Security Number Plate in India?

If you are planning to apply for a high-security number plate, here are the steps you must follow:
  1. Collect the required documents needed to apply for the HSRP. The list may mostly include your vehicle’s registration papers, proof of address, and proof of identity.
  2. Visit the website bookmyhsrp.com (applicable for most states). Here, enter the required details, such as registration number, chassis number, fuel type, and so on.
  3. Pay the required fees. The charges for a high-security number plate may differ from state to state, or even regionally.
  4. Visit the centre assigned to you, as per your geographical proximity. Here, provide the payment receipt, the collected documents, and any other paperwork as required to get the HSRP installed.

How to Make Your Bike Even More Secure

You may have secured the high-security number plate on your bike. But is that the only thing you should do to ensure your bike’s safety? To provide your bike with the utmost protection, you should buy a comprehensive bike insurance plan. Not only that, but it is also essential to carry out your bike insurance renewal on time so that the coverage continues without any pause. Many people hesitate to buy a comprehensive plan as they believe it to be expensive. However, bike insurance can be affordable if you choose the right type of coverage, avoiding additional aspects that you do not require. Furthermore, you can also use tools, such as the bike insurance calculator to get an estimate of the premium. You can then adjust your coverage accordingly. A bike can be a useful asset for the long term if taken care of properly. Hence, you must ensure it has the protection it deserves by way of a high-security number plate and bike insurance.   * Standard T&C apply. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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