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Haryana Road Tax
Feb 11, 2024

Cracking the Code on Haryana Road Tax: Compute Rates & Pay Online

Haryana is one of India’s growing states, in terms of infrastructure development and more. Many of the state’s districts form a part of the National Capital Region. Hence, it experiences a considerable amount of road traffic. Motor vehicle owners within Haryana, as well as those of vehicles from other states travelling in Haryana, are required to pay road tax. These rates apply as per the Haryana Motor Vehicle Taxation Act of 2016. Another law that all motor vehicle owners must comply with, throughout the country, is the purchase of Vehicle insurance. Along with helping you meet legal compliance, it can be of assistance during unfortunate accidents.* Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy. If you own a vehicle in Haryana or are travelling there, it is essential to know all about the road tax rates, how to compute them, and how you can pay them online. Here is a guide to help you.

Road Tax Rates in Haryana - For Different Types of Vehicles

Paying road tax in Haryana is compulsory for all vehicles - private as well as commercial. Here’s how the process may go - Usually, you may have to pay road tax as a one-time payment during the purchase of a vehicle and when registering it with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). The funds collected by the government ultimately contribute to keeping the roads safe and well-maintained. In Haryana, the state's Transport Department generally imposes a one-time road tax as a percentage of the original vehicle cost. Additionally, fixed amounts may be charged for specific vehicle classes based on defined criteria. The tax rates for different vehicles can vary, after considering factors such as the vehicle type, place of origin, purpose of use, weight, size, and engine capacity. Just as you are expected to have a legally compliant vehicle insurance policy before you drive on the roads, you are also required to pay the road tax before the new vehicle is issued with necessary sanctions.

Road Tax in Haryana for Two-Wheelers 

Here are the road tax rates for two-wheelers of different price ranges in Haryana:  
Vehicle Price Range - in Rs. Road tax on the cost (one time   payment)            
Up to 75,000 4%
Above 75,000 up to 2 lakhs 6%
Above 2 lakhs 8%
A sidecar drawn by the above vehicles  and invalid carriages Nil

Road Tax in Haryana for Four-Wheelers 

For cars and other four-wheelers, the road tax rates in Haryana are as follows:  
Vehicle Price Range Road tax on the cost (one-time payment)
Up to 6 lakhs 5%
More than 6 lakhs and up to  20 lakhs 8%
More than 20 lakhs 10%

Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles in Haryana

When it comes to commercial vehicles, the road tax is computed based on the seating capacity of the vehicle, as described below:  
Seating capacity of the vehicle (not including the  driver) Tax rate for the vehicle
Up to three seats 2% of the cost of the vehicle - Payable as a  one-time payment 
Four seats or more (three-wheelers) Rs. 600 per seat per year - Payable quarterly 
Four to six seats (four-wheelers) Rs. 625 per seat per year - Payable quarterly 
Seven to twelve seats (four-wheeler) Rs. 1450 per seat per year - Payable quarterly 

Road Tax in Haryana for Vehicles from Other States

Any vehicle entering the state of Haryana from any other state must pay the road tax as per the following: Seating capacity (not considering the driver) Tax rate  
Seating capacity (not considering the  driver) Tax rate 
Up to three seats Rs. 25 per day
Four to six seats Rs. 100 per day
Seven to twelve seats Rs. 500 per day
The above road tax rates can be paid online via a simple procedure.

How to Pay Haryana Road Tax Online?

Follow these steps on the official website of the Haryana Transport Department to pay the road tax online: 1. Visit the official website and click on 'Online Services for Citizens'. 2. Choose 'Motor Vehicle Tax Related Online Services'. 3. If your vehicle is registered in Haryana, select 'Click here to Pay Online Road Tax for State'. For other states, choose 'Click here to Pay Online Road Tax for Other State'. 4. Enter your vehicle details like registration number, model, and year of purchase. 5. Select your preferred payment method (debit/credit card or net banking) and complete the payment. 6. A downloadable online receipt will be generated, which you must save for future reference. Non-payment of road tax on time can lead to applicable penalties. Similarly, not having a car insurance policy or other valid insurance as per the vehicle can lead to a penalty as well, not just within Haryana, but throughout the country. Hence, one must have the applicable car or Bike insurance plan and pay road tax on time to ensure safe roads and support the economy.   *Standard T&C apply. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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