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Car Insurance Natural Disaster Coverage
Sep 28, 2020

How Does Car Insurance Assist During Natural Disasters?

While we all know that general insurance covers us in times of need, did you know that car insurance covers us even during natural calamities? Car insurance protects all its policyholders at the occurrence of any natural disaster like earthquakes, floods, and so forth. When you opt for motor insurance, especially comprehensive car insurance beforehand, you ensure all the preventive measures are in place. Before purchasing car insurance , it is advisable to know the details of a comprehensive car insurance policy and then invest accordingly. Therefore, go through the following guidelines mentioned below to make informed decisions. Take a look: Comprehensive Car Insurance A comprehensive car insurance policy covers all the losses and damage incurred on the policyholder during a natural disaster. For instance, during floods, the engine of the vehicle is either fully or partially damaged. The expenses that go behind the repairs of your vehicle are taken care of by the insurance company. In this case, owning a comprehensive car insurance policy comes in handy as compensates for the wear and tear of your car. When you make a claim, you’re eligible to obtain compensation and benefits available under the comprehensive car insurance policy. Follow the steps given below in order to ensure a smooth claim process: Step 1: Inspect your vehicle to find out whether it is still operable or not. Step 2: Contact the insurance company in order to get the claim process started to the soonest. Step 3: File a claim form and keep handy all the important paperwork or documentation asked by the insurance company. Step 4: Once you have filed in a request for a claim, co-operate with the insurance company to get your vehicle to one of the network garages of the insurance provider. Step 5: Post the repairs, the garage will send the expenses to the company and the reparation costs will be paid by them on receiving the invoice. Needless to say, investment in a car insurance policy means utilization of its benefits to the fullest in times of need. The best way to ensure that you reap maximum benefits on your investment is by opting for motor insurance provided by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. Take a look at these benefits of our car insurance during the natural disasters mentioned below:
  1. Provision of NCB
No Claim Bonus (NCB) is provided to the policyholders during car insurance renewal when they do not make any claims during the policy term. When you avail a policy by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, you not only make the most of the NCB benefits but also get the provision to transfer your existing NCB.
  1. Allowance of cashless claims
A policyholder can avail cashless claim benefits only if he repairs his car at a network garage provided by the insurance company. In case a cashless facility is not permitted, the insurance company pays 75% of the expenses.
  1. Hassle-free inspections
Inspections are the key step of the claim process and the professionals at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance ensure a hassle-free inspection with high-quality services as well as the right expertise in this matter.
  1. Online presence
Our online clam settlement process is a convenient option for our tech-savvy customers. Since the online facility is easy and efficient, you can either instantly file for a claim or directly renew your policy on the portal with ease. Now that you know the benefits of car insurance during natural disasters, what are you waiting for? Before you purchase one, compare car insurance to find out the differences in premiums, features, and benefits by different companies. Once you know which policy to opt for, contact our experts today to avail our 24x7 services and products at an affordable rate. That way, you will simply ensure that you have the best yet the most cost-effective policy that helps you gain maximum benefits.  

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