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Young Person Car Insurance
Jul 22, 2020

Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Gone are the days when young adults preferred travelling by local trains, taxis, and auto rickshaws. Being spontaneous in nature, every teen dreams of owning a fancy car for travelling. While their passion for cars is understandable, a majority of teens ignore the car insurance policy on the purchase of a new vehicle. However, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every car holder compulsorily needs car insurance. In order to stay away from legal trouble, take a look at this guide on car insurance for young people:

How does car insurance for young drivers work?

Ideally, a car insurance policy protects your vehicle from any unwanted mishaps like accidents, thefts, and so forth. Additionally, it covers other expenses like high costs of repairs, costs of replacing the spare parts, and so forth. The best young person car insurance policy would be the one that provides numerous covers in order to suit your needs. One such policy that understands the requirements of the customers is the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance policy. If your car has undergone any major damages, it is important for every customer to make a car insurance claim. While minor issues like dents or scratches do not require under car insurance for young drivers, the major issues like accidents and thefts need to be addressed immediately. However, during the times of unforeseen events, it is impossible for us to follow the long process of making claims. Ensure that your policy is valid, check car insurance status online to ensure your claim does not face rejection. In order to avoid the hassle, Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance has come up with easy and short car insurance claim procedure. Step 1: Contact the company in order to make the registration of your claim. Also, keep all the details like an engine and chassis number, FIR report, date and time of the incident, car inspection address and km reading handy for the registration purpose. Step 2: If your car has been severely damaged, send it for an inspection in order to get it repaired. Step 3: Submit all the important paperwork in order to complete the final step. Once all the documents are submitted to the insurance companies, they will make the payment directly to the network garage.

4 tips to invest in a car insurance policy for young drivers:

1. Select the right car

As teenagers, we all want the fanciest car with the latest features and technology. If you wish to purchase affordable car insurance, then select the vehicle that suffices your basic needs. This is simply because of the fact that the vehicle that you select determines the rate of your premiums

2. Secure your vehicle

In order to secure your car from the trouble of theft or burglary, it is important to secure your vehicle with either a locking system or an alarm system. Apart from that, park your cars in a protected garage for tight security purpose.

3. Understand the coverage

The most crucial stage while selecting car insurance is to know what type of coverage your company provides. Therefore, opt for extensive coverage that covers the loss or damage due to man-made and natural calamities, personal accident cover and third party liability cover. Moreover, opt for add-ons with 24x7 spot assistance as it covers you in times of urgency.

4. Opt for higher deductibles

When you buy car insurance for your vehicle, opt for higher deductibles. Higher deductibles will further ensure the payment of lower premiums in the future. Therefore, consider the amount you can pay before the purchase and then opt for it wisely. Now that you know everything about car insurance for young drivers, what are you waiting for? Before purchasing a policy for your vehicle, compare car insurance rates and avail cheap car insurance for young drivers out of the various policies offered by us. At, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, we not only avail the benefits of extensive coverage but also add-on covers for the betterment of the customers. Contact us today to know more about the terms and technicalities of our car insurance policy.

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