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Teflon vs ceramic for cars and bikes
Nov 2, 2020

Car Insurance Add-Ons: Engine Cover & More

Car owners and lovers would do anything to protect their precious four-wheelers. Also, some people like to take it a step further and invest into making the car’s interior comfortable and the exterior alluring. Even after spending so much on their cars, most people fail to insure their vehicle and protect it from any damage or loss. Initially, people used to ask the car dealers themselves to handle the insurance bit as well as renew it from time to time. Somehow, it is not the case anymore. Now, you can buy car insurance online in a few clicks by simply visiting the insurance company’s website. You can even go through the various features provided by various companies and compare different insurance policies and their cost. Lastly, after you have done your research, you can purchase a policy that best suits your needs as well as budget. It is not only quick but also very convenient to buy a car insurance policy online. You have two options to choose from, i.e. third party car insurance or a comprehensive policy. If you choose the first, you will receive coverage for third-party damages only. However, if you choose the latter, you receive protection for own damage as well as third-party damages. You can even purchase extra add-ons to enhance your existing comprehensive car insurance policy. Let us understand this in detail. All about add-ons in car insurance When you purchase an insurance policy for your vehicle, you would want it to offer you complete coverage against any damages, caused or sustained. However, not everything is covered under a basic car insurance policy, which is why we have add-ons to strengthen your existing plan. You can pick any number of add-ons provided by your insurer as per your requirements. Anyone who is buying a comprehensive car insurance policy can purchase these covers. You only have to select and add your preferred cover(s) to your existing comprehensive car insurance plan. Buy the ones that will add value to your policy and stay away from those that you do not think you will require. Each add-on you purchase adds to your premium. Let us now look the Engine Protector add-on cover that is a must-buy for everyone and here’s why: This cover is of high importance because it is specifically designed to protect your car’s engine. Your usual car insurance policy does not cover damages to the engine. To say the least, an engine is the car’s heart and is its most expensive component. Hence, you cannot let anything happen to it. To protect your engine from any untoward incidents and make your car insurance coverage even stronger, go for the Engine Protector add-on without thinking twice. If something goes wrong with the engine, having it repaired without an insurance cover will dig a deep hole in your pocket. People residing in flood-prone areas must especially have this add-on cover. Other problems in the engine such as gearbox damage and oil leakage, among others will also be taken care of under this cover. This will save you a lot in repair costs. Now that you’ve read why it is so important to get your car covered with an Engine Protector cover, you should also keep in mind to first look into the inclusions, exclusions, and features of this cover carefully before buying. Today, several insurers offer you similar covers at different prices with different terms and conditions; hence, you need to research carefully and understand which provider is giving you good coverage at an affordable price. Some insurance companies even have certain restrictions on the number of claims a policyholder can make. Therefore, always do your homework and choose wisely.

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