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Bangalore Traffic Fines
Jan 14, 2024

Bangalore Traffic Fines – List of Traffic Rules & Violations

Bangalore stands as one of the busiest cities in the country. It offers a good quality of life to its residents, thanks to its numerous employment opportunities.  However, along with this hustle-bustle and economic growth, comes traffic and congestion as well. To manage road traffic and ensure a safe experience for everyone, the regional authorities have created a list of traffic rules and regulations. If one fails to comply with these rules and regulations, one must pay fines and follow other standard procedures as prescribed by the law. For instance, if you own a car in Bangalore, it is mandatory to have a car insurance plan that covers a minimum of third-party liabilities. If you don’t have such coverage, you may have to pay a fine. Similarly, if you have a bike, you must have an equivalent bike insurance plan as well. It is advisable to follow all the traffic rules so that traffic is better managed, and you do not have to pay any fines either.* Let’s look at the updated list of fines for traffic violations in Bangalore, for different types of vehicles.  

Type of traffic violation

Type of vehicle

Penalty (in ₹)

Dangerous or reckless driving/riding Two-wheeler/four-wheeler 1,000
Driving or riding without a valid Driving Licence or DL Two-wheeler/three-wheeler 1,000
Driving without a valid Driving Licence Four-wheeler (LMV) 2,000
Driving without a valid Driving Licence Other vehicles 5,000
Overspeeding/Riding above the prescribed limit Two-wheeler/three-wheeler/LMV 1,000
Overspeeding/Driving above the prescribed limit LGV/HGV/Other vehicles 2,000
Drinking and driving All vehicles Court fine
Riding a vehicle without valid third-party insurance Two-wheeler/three-wheeler 1,000
Driving a vehicle without car insurance or other valid insurance Four-wheeler (LMV) 2,000
Driving a vehicle without a valid motor insurance policy LGV/Other vehicles 4,000
Driving/riding a vehicle without registration All vehicles Court fine
Driving a car without wearing a seatbelt Four-wheeler 500
Driving/riding and using a mobile phone simultaneously All vehicles 1,000
Triple-riding on a two-wheeler Two-wheeler 500
Riding a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet (applicable for rider/pillion rider) Two-wheeler 500
Racing vehicles on public roads All vehicles 5,000
Driving a vehicle during disqualification All vehicles 10,000
Committing offences related to air/ noise pollution regulations Two-wheeler/three-wheeler/four-wheeler/HTV/carriage 1,000
Riding/ driving of a vehicle by a minor All vehicles 5,000
Misconduct with traffic police authorities All vehicles 2,000
Traffic signal jumping All vehicles 500
Lack of lane discipline All vehicles 500
Not following no-parking zone regulations All vehicles 1,000
Driving/riding a vehicle without a number plate All vehicles 500
Driving/riding a vehicle when the individual is unfit physically/ mentally All vehicles 1,000
Disregarding or hindering traffic police instructions All vehicles 1,000
Offence related to stop line All vehicles 1,000
Committing a one-way offence All vehicles 500
Honking in silence zones Two-wheeler/three-wheeler 500
Honking in silence zones Four-wheeler/other vehicles 1,000
Jaywalking Pedestrian Court fine
Driving the vehicle without a legal permit All vehicles Court fine
Alteration of vehicle not in compliance with regulations All vehicles Court fine
Operating a vehicle without a valid emission certificate All vehicles Court fine
Blocking the way for, or being negligent towards, emergency vehicles (Ambulance, fire engine, police vehicle, etc.) All vehicles 1,000
  These are essential Bangalore traffic fines all residents of the city should know about. Now, let’s look at some common questions you may have about these fines and their due procedures.

FAQs on Bangalore Traffic Fines 

Here are some common questions a vehicle owner may have regarding the traffic fines in Bangalore:
  1. How can I check and pay the challan issued against my vehicle in Bangalore?

You can visit the e-challan portal on the Parivahan site to check and settle your challans. You can also use the KarnatakaOne website to pay different traffic fines, such as driving without a valid permit fine, or the drink and drive fine in Bangalore.
  1. Do pillion riders also need to wear a helmet in Bangalore?

Yes, pillion riders on two-wheelers are also legally required to wear a helmet in Bangalore city. Similarly, passengers in a car are also expected to wear seatbelts.
  1. What kind of motor insurance plan is mandatory?

Prevailing laws state that a motor insurance plan that covers a minimum of third-party liabilities is mandatory. If the individual wants, they can opt for comprehensive motor insurance that covers other events and risks besides third-party liabilities.
  1. What documents are legally required while driving/riding?

Essential documents you need to carry while driving/riding include:
  • Driving licence
  • Registration papers
  • PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate
  • Motor insurance papers
  • Vehicle permit.
Ensure to carry these documents and follow other traffic rules to avoid paying Bangalore traffic fines. Following the rules won’t just help you avoid fines but also allow you to contribute effectively to better traffic management in your city. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.   * Standard T&C apply. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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