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What are the 6 fundamental rights?
Nov 22, 2021

Independence Day : Celebrating the Right to Freedom

India will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day on August 15, 2019. Since its independence in 1947, India has come a long way and is now one of the most powerful, respected and rapidly developing nations of the world. With the new phase of developing India and the myriad projects being unfurled, there are certain aspects that still need to be addressed freely. The Indian Constitution provides you; the citizens of India, six fundamental rights.

What are the Six Fundamental Rights?

The six fundamental rights are:
  1. Right to equality
  2. Right to freedom
  3. Right against exploitation
  4. Right to freedom of religion
  5. Cultural and educational rights
  6. Right to constitutional remedies
But, how many of you know about these rights in detail and exercise them whenever needed? Not many of us know how valuable these fundamental rights are and how they have been designed to protect and give power to us - the citizens of India. Let’s discuss one of the basic fundamental rights conferred to us by the Constitution of India - The Right to Freedom. Independence is all about being free, whether it be from any country’s rule or the mindset that pulls you back and does not allow you to progress. Today, the changing society and the changing lifestyle demand you to exercise this right to freedom more aptly and cautiously. The article 19 of the Indian Constitution provides six freedoms:
  • Right to freedom of speech and expression
  • Right to assemble peaceably and without arms
  • Right to form associations or unions
  • Right to move freely throughout the territory of India
  • Right to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India
  • Right to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade or business
This Independence Day, celebrate the real freedom that you have always dreamt of. Do not shy away from your feelings, from your dreams and from your future. Take an opportunity to express what you feel and do what you think makes you happy and content. Let this independence day be about #FreedomToLove, to love yourself, your family, your friends, your partners, your pets and your dreams. Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day! Visit our website and explore various general insurance plans online or read more articles on our insurance blog.  

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