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How to Prevent Rust on Your Car?
Jul 21, 2016

How to Protect Your Car from Rust? 5 Ways to Prevent your Car from Rusting

Protection from corrosion has become very important due to increasing number of assembled automobiles on road today. Before you pat your back thinking you have finished pulling a severely damaged vehicle back to how it originally was, take a look at these tips to prevent your car from rusting.  
  1. Body Sealer Application
Body Sealer is applied between the seam/weld joints to prevent water/moisture from entering in order to protect the metal sheet from corrosion. Body sealer has to be applied on the following areas during replacement of body panels like door, hood, back door, roof etc. (after the completion of welding process)
  • Welding joint (formed while joining two sheet metals)
  • Hemmed (turned out) portions of door, bonnet etc.
  Door   Rear End Door  
  1. Anti-Rust Solution
Anti-rust solution needs to be applied in the sash area of the door panels, in case there is an accidental damage and the panels need to be replaced. Application of anti-rust solution prevents water accumulation in the sash area.   3.Sealing Cover A plastic sealing cover is fixed on the inner side of the door which can be easily fixed or removed. This sealing cover has a sealant which provides adhesion. It prevents water from entering the door panel resulting in prevention of rust. Also, it should be ensured that the   sealing cover is refixed properly after accidental repair. If the refixing is not done properly, water will enter inside the door panels which will lead to rusting.   4.Undercoating The underside of the vehicle is constantly exposed to gravel, sand, salt and other debris found on the roads. These undercoating compounds prevent damage to sheet metal from flying stones and also increases the life cycle of the vehicle by preventing corrosion. Undercoating also helps in reduction of road noise as the debris never makes contact with the metal.   5.Rust Converter Rust converter seals off the base metal from oxygen using a coating of the rust itself. The rust is chemically converted into a hard durable layer which does not allow the oxygen in the air to react with the metal. This method is feasible as the rust converter is water soluble and safer than acids.   Prevention of your vehicle from rusting is important and so is securing yourself from a financial blow in case you are exposed to any unforeseen accident. Take a look at our four wheeler insurance plans!  

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  • Jasmine Paulos - September 2, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Exactly what i was looking for my new car, applying anti rust is really important. very informative, thanks for sharing.

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