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Side Effects and Dangers of Self Medication
Jan 20, 2019

Health Complications Associated with Self-Medication

Self-medication means taking prescription drugs from a druggist, a chemist or a pharmacist without consulting a doctor. Many people do not approach their physician or a doctor in order to avoid the expense of visiting fees. What they do instead is describe the symptoms of their ailment to a chemist and buy over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. However, they ignore the risks associated with such self-medication. Health is wealth and therefore you should treasure it lifelong. While you can try the age-old home remedies to get relief in case of minor issues, you should not take any pills or medicines on your own. It is very likely that you end up with more issues than you actually had, if you try a medical remedy without a doctor’s go ahead. Following are some of the major risks associated with self-medication: Allergies or reactions If you try to treat yourself without a proper consultation from a qualified doctor, you might end up taking some medicines that may cause severe reactions. This is because some medicines might contain ingredients that you might be allergic to. Thus, there is a huge risk of intensifying the already existing issue or suffering from an allergy or side-effects, if you choose to go for self-medication. Identifying type of infection Today, there is a whole range of different types of infections affecting the health of people. It is very important to identify the correct type of infection and its cause so that effective measures can be put in place to cure the same. If you take over-the-counter medicines without undergoing the required medical tests, then you might suffer more and create a delay in getting the actual treatment, which would aggravate the original issue. Undergoing medical tests If you are suffering from a rash, cough & cold, fever, bacterial infection, headache, stomach ache or any other issue, it is better to take advice from a qualified doctor, who might suggest either blood, urine or stool test for identifying the exact cause of the issue. Suppressing the issue with improper medication can lead to the actual issue going undetected and causing further deterioration of your health. Inaccurate dosage Taking self-prescribed medicines can cause an accidental overdose, which can prove to be fatal. Also if the medication is taken in small amounts, you might not benefit from the same in an effective manner and worsen your already poor health condition. It is possible that due to your lack of medical knowledge, you might mix the dosage of certain medicines that should not be taken together. This can increase the risk of harming yourself and prove life-threatening in many cases. Dependence and abuse Certain drugs can prove to be addictive and might increase your dependence on them. This can lead to medication abuse and you might end up with an addiction. This can harm not only your health but also your relationships and social image. The practice of self-medication is very dangerous and often leads to abnormalities and even death. A licensed practitioner and a qualified doctor are the only ones who can help you satisfactorily and nurse you to regain your health. We hope that you visit your physician the next time you fall sick and seek proper medical attention. Along with this, we urge you to purchase an adequate medical insurance policy that can take care of any medical emergencies that you or your loved ones might face.

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