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Gas Cylinder Safety Tips
Jun 13, 2019

Home Safety Tips When Using Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinder is the most commonly used source for cooking food in homes in India. Gas cylinders are filled with LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which is highly flammable in nature. Thus, you should exercise some safety measures when using gas cylinders in your homes.
  • Always use LPG cylinders, which have ISI mark on them.
  • Make sure you buy the gas cylinders from genuine dealers. Do not buy them from black market.
  • While accepting the gas cylinder at the time of its delivery, make sure to check that the cylinder is sealed properly and its safety cap is not tampered, which can otherwise cause the leakage of LPG that might cause dreadful explosion.
  • Once received, keep the gas cylinder in a vertical position, on a flat surface and in a proper ventilated area.
  • Make sure that there are no inflammable materials and fuels (like kerosene) near the gas cylinder, which can cause an explosion.
  • Get help from the service man or the deliveryman to connect the gas cylinder so that it is fitted carefully and correctly.
  • Always turn off the knob on the gas cylinder, after use, to prevent any accidental leakage.
  • Close all the stove knobs after use and also if you smell a leak.
  • Install gas detectors in your kitchen and in the room where you keep your gas cylinder in order to avoid any accidents due to gas leak from a gas cylinder.
While gas cylinders have made cooking fast and easy, you should use them with caution, as the LPG in them is highly flammable and might cause an explosion destroying your home and/or its contents & causing severe injuries to you and your family members. We recommend that you exercise these safety measures when dealing with gas cylinder and also secure your finances in case there is an accident that leaves you in a state of despair. Thus, you should purchase a home insurance policy as well as an adequate medical insurance policy to safeguard your finances in the event of some unfortunate incident.

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