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‘Pro-Fit’: A Wellness Platform by Bajaj Allianz
Aug 30, 2018

All About Bajaj Allianz’s Wellness Platform ‘Pro-Fit’

Thomas Fuller, a renowned historian, rightly said, “Health is not valued till sickness comes.” Even today, in a world full of uncertainties, people take neither their health nor the expenses related to it seriously. We, at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance have launched a unique wellness platform called ‘Pro-Fit’, which is a one stop solution for all your health and wellness needs. What is Pro-Fit? Pro-Fit is an online portal rolled out by Bajaj Allianz with the aim to encourage our customers to stay healthy and fit. It is a cloud-based platform, which enables our customers and their family members to track their health records and work towards improving the same. Commenting on the launch of this portal, Tapan Singhel, MD & CEO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance said, “We are a customer obsessed company and believe in constant engagement with our customers. Our idea behind launching such innovative products and services is to provide our customers greater value beyond insurance. We are in an age where people are becoming tech savvy and prefer process automation and services just a click away. Pro-Fit will cater to this need through its various features that will provide a holistic wellness approach and promote a healthy lifestyle.” What are the features of Pro-Fit? Pro-Fit offers the following salient features:
  1. Health Risk Assessment – This feature lets you keep a score based on the answers you provide to a few health related questions. The questions usually cover topics such as personal health, family health, social wellness and occupational health.
  2. Health Articles – This feature of the online portal gives you access to numerous fitness and healthy-lifestyle related articles. It also keeps you informed about the latest health trends across the world.
  3. Store Records – This feature enables you to maintain a digital copy of your health records. You just need to upload the documents in PDF format. These records can be accessed from anywhere, anytime thus setting you free from managing the hard-copy of the documents.
  4. Track Parameters – You can use Pro-Fit to help you track health parameters such as your Kidney Profile, Thyroid Profile, Liver Profile and more. While keeping the track of these parameters, Pro-Fit generates personalized reports indicating if there is anything abnormal.
  5. Fitness Tracker – This feature helps you to track the number steps you take and keep a weekly status of your fitness. The tracker is connected to Google fit in Android Phones and Health Kit in iOS.
  6. Chat with Doctor –  You can get online assistance for all general medical queries from certified and registered doctors.
  7. Vaccination Reminder – This feature sends you notifications and allows you to set reminders about the last date of getting a vaccination and the appointments you have with your doctor.
  8. Family Health – Ensuring complete data privacy, this feature lets you manage the health of your family members and the details of your family doctor.
  9. Manage Policy – This feature helps you store all your policy related documents under one roof, thus making them accessible at your convenience.
Who can use Pro-Fit? Anyone can use this portal, irrespective of whether they have a policy with us. How can you access Pro-Fit? Taking care of your health is as important as taking care of the finances while getting health care services. Visit our website to buy and know about multiple health insurance plans that can come to your rescue during your time of need.

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