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Offline vs Online Health Insurance
Feb 26, 2019

Exploring Difference Between Buying Health Insurance Online vs Agent

This might be one of the most daunting questions that might bother most of you while deciding to buy a health insurance policy. You can buy a health insurance policy with the help of an agent, by visiting the branch office of the insurance company located near you or by visiting the official website of the insurance company. Working professionals find it easy to browse through the different types of health insurance plans offered by different health insurance companies online before making the final decision of buying the health insurance plan. On the other hand, buying a health insurance policy offline, i.e., with the help of an agent, establishes a single point of contact between the insurance company and the policyholder. While all the methods of buying a policy provide similar health insurance benefits with similar premium rates, it is up to your convenience to choose which method best suits you. Pros of buying an online health insurance plan
  • Considering the fast and busy lives most of you live today, buying a health insurance policy online is most convenient.
  • Buying health insurance online allows you to compare the various plans with respect to the features, benefits, coverages and the premium rates offered by different health insurance providers.
  • Online payment options facilitate quick and transparent payment of the premium amount.
  • The process of buying online health insurance is very simple.
  • You get the soft copy of the policy document as soon as the payment made by you towards your insurer is received by them.
Pros of buying health insurance with the help of an agent
  • You get a guide for any issues related to your health insurance plan till the validity of your policy in the form of an agent.
  • An agent is a trustworthy person, who can help you not only while purchasing the policy but also while making health insurance claims.
  • An agent acts as a point of contact between you and your insurer so that you don’t have to deal with any technicalities of the insurance policy.
Conclusion So, to conclude, having a health insurance policy is must in today’s uncertain world, where the costs associated with health care services are rising rapidly. Whether you buy an adequate policy online via official website of the insurance company or offline through their agent’s help is up to your convenience. You can check out the best health insurance plans on our website and buy the one that best suits your requirements at affordable premium rates.

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