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How to Pay Health Insurance Online?
Mar 30, 2021

How to Pay Health Insurance, Mediclaim Premium Online?

Gone are the times when you needed an agent to take a policy or renew it. Nowadays, you can get assistance online regarding policy details, premium payment, tenure of the policy, and other things. Now we all know that getting online health insurance is something the younger generation can easily do, but what about a generation above them? It's very new to them so they keep on asking how to pay health insurance online? All they need to know is that it is an effortless procedure and there is nothing to panic about. Here is all you need for online health insurance premium payment. How to pay health insurance online? Now, this list may differ a bit from provider to provider, but it majorly covers all required details.
  1. Policy number- If you are paying insurance premium for an existing policy, you will be required to provide your policy number mandatorily. This is written on your issued policy. A policy number is a unique number, and hence the chances of any mishap are almost nil.
  2. Contact number- Certain providers may ask you for providing your registered contact number or email address to verify your identity. Make sure you give the same details as provided at the time of taking the policy.
If you are taking a new policy, make sure you give correct details and the contact number and address you actively use as this is where all the communication related to the policy shall occur.
  1. Date of birth- Some providers make you enter your date of birth just to verify your identity for policy renewal. But while taking a new policy, it helps in determining the age and calculate premium accordingly.
  2. Any proof of address- Residential proof is required for issuing a new policy. Any document from aadhar card, passport, PAN card, and the list provided can fulfill the purpose here.
Means of payment Newer and newer channels of making payments are now available. So the answer to the question “how do I pay my mediclaim premium online” cannot have the straight shot answer. Here are the various options available
  1. Net Banking
Net banking is the facility offered online by almost any bank where you can transfer funds to any other bank account by simply providing the account number, name, and IFSC code of the beneficiary.
  1. Debit card
You can make a payment from your bank account balance through a debit card by providing card details and entering OTP at the time of making the payment.
  1. Credit card
A credit card is a facility wherein the payment is made first by the provider, and you need to pay the provider later at the end of the specified time period. It is an option where you can defer the payment by some time.
  1. Digital wallet
With the development of digitalization, many digital wallet providers are available in India and mostly all of them offer varied payment services including payment of your mediclaim or health insurance premium. Benefits of paying health insurance premium online Now we know how to pay health insurance premium online but why shall we pay it online? Here is why
  1. Flexible payment options
A varied range of options are available in case of online payment making it much more convenient to choose from. One may not have access to one of the options but it is quite not possible in today’s time that one does not have access to any of the channels.
  1. Pay anytime anywhere
The distances have become shorter with development in all areas. People move in and out of various places, travel far and wide for work and otherwise. This makes it next to impossible to keep up with the deadlines of premium payment physically. Hence online options have become a need of time.
  1. No middlemen
There have been instances where the beneficiary is given wrong information about the policy. Such things are quite not possible as you buy directly from the policy provider.
  1. No more missing benefits
You often have health insurance benefits like no claim bonus and other discounts for timely renewal and overall being a good customer. It is ideal for getting policies renewed 15 days prior to their expiry, but you can get them renewed at a maximum of 15 days after the expiry of the policy. With reminders through email and phone calls and renewal made possible easily at one click, these benefits are always at your service. FAQs:
  • While making payment of health insurance online, my payment has been deducted from my bank account, but no acknowledgment is received. What shall I do?
You can check your payment status with the customer grievance department by giving a call or through email.
  • My online payment of premium is stopped halfway. What shall I do?
Check the status by calling the provided contact number.

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