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Extend Health Insurance For Spouse
Nov 23, 2020

How to Include Your Spouse in Health Insurance?

Married life can change you as a person sometimes. You start to care more about your partner than yourself and these can be one of the most cherished moments of your life. At times, you feel like appreciating him/her with a lovely surprise that will make them happy, and what better gift than financial security in times of emergency? It would be even better if you buy a health insurance policy for them, isn’t it? This will show how much you care about their well-being. Let us now explore various ways in which it is possible to extend health insurance coverage over your spouse.
  1. Group health plans
An employer offers plans to cover the medical expenses faced by the employees working in that company. These policies are group plans that have a specific amount of sum insured allocated to each employee. You can confirm with the insurance company to see if you can add a spouse to your plan, as usually these plans can be extended to the immediate family members of the employee as well.  
  1. Individual Health Plan
If not group plans, you can always go for an individual health insurance policy for your better half. This type of health plan can even be customized as per the specific needs of your spouse. All you’ll have to do is look for your partner’s medical needs before buying the policy.  
  1. Family floater health insurance plans
Lastly, you can opt for a family health insurance plan. This would be one of the easiest methods to extend a medical insurance plan and cover your spouse by simply adding them to an existing policy or a new one. However, you will have to increase the amount sum insured to cover him/her, if you want.   Points to consider before purchasing coverage for your spouse  
  • Medical history of your partner
The most important point to consider before purchasing a health plan is your spouse’s medical history. Checking this is vital so you can see if there are any pre-existing diseases, and if yes, then are they getting covered in the plan. Many insurance providers enforce a waiting period for a few ailments. In case, your partner already has a major condition that won’t be covered in a basic health plan, you can even buy a standalone critical illness insurance plan for them.  
  • Tax deduction
Before you buy a health plan, research your eligibility for getting tax benefits, as you can enjoy them under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.  
  • Planning your finances
Budget is another important aspect to consider before making any purchase. Especially if you are newly married and just spent a lot of your wedding already, you got to be a little careful before spending on anything. You can, therefore, choose a plan keeping the coverage and features in mind. Compare and check with other available policies in the market to check for better features while choosing a policy that is light on your pocket.  
  • Future planning
To start a family could be a major decision for you as a married couple. However, if you weigh the options now, it will help you to get a suitable coverage that will be used during the time of need. You must know that all the medical insurance policies won’t have maternity benefits. Certain insurers will ask you to wait for a specific number of days before you can claim maternity coverage. Purchasing health insurance plans for family , or including your spouse in it isn’t that difficult anymore. You can easily do this on the web, by visiting your preferred insurer’s website. Therefore, do not wait any longer and surprise your better half with the best gift today.

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