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Aug 27, 2020

5 Best Ways To Look After Senior Citizens During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Every single one of us is going through a tough time. The pandemic has left the world shaken and is showing no signs of curtailment. As days go by, what we get to witness is an increase in the number of cases, community transmissions, viral mutation, newer symptoms, weird complications and more. If we are having a bad time, somebody is having it worse – the elderly people. With their age forcing them to become fragile and less immune, the lockdown and the viral outbreak are really taking a toll on their physical and mental health. The importance of a health insurance cover, especially for senior citizens, is reemphasized in this scenario. Over the last few posts, we have been writing on various aspects of the Covid-19 situation and on this, we made it a point to dedicate a post to the wellbeing of the elderly. One bright side of the lockdown has been the fact that all of us are becoming a family again. With our hectic work schedules taking over our lives, we hardly had time for conversations and family meals. But this lockdown has made this possible. But that’s not enough. The elderly people in our family require and deserve more. If you have senior citizens in your home, here are 5 ways you could take care of them.

Talk To Them

As elders, they tend to get quickly paranoid about things and the first thing is to completely acknowledge and accept this fact. Because the pandemic has rattled our plans and routine, the anxiety could be more in some people. The best thing to do is to talk to them about everything they need to know. From their doubts in using technology to you losing your job or about the spreading of Covid-19 disease and how to prevent it, you should talk about everything. Make them part of your conversations and involve them for opinions and suggestions. Ask them questions and answer theirs. The more lucid relationships and conversations, the better they would feel at this point of time.

Indulge In Indoor Activities

The next big thing after having conversations is planning and doing some activities with them. The activities you plan should keep them occupied so they don’t feel secluded and lost in the thoughts of the calamity right in front of our eyes. You could do gardening, ask them to pursue their passion for writing, talk about their old photographs, plan a movie night, build furniture or do some carpentry, indulge in fixing a vehicle, cook, or do anything that is interesting and offbeat from the monotony of today. This will help them feel less stressed and give them a chance to spend time doing something they love.

Virtual Doctor Consultation

Now is the most ideal time to focus on their health and wellbeing. If there’s a doctor’s appointment or consultation coming in a few days, download relevant apps or make arrangements for virtual sessions. Get suggestions from your doctor on any health issues they face or talk to them about how they could take good care of their health in terms of mild workouts and diet plans. All this will help you get a clear idea of your folk’s health without a diagnosis. Keep stepping out for scans and diagnosis as the last option and talk to your doctor about the requirement and any severity of it.

Get Coronavirus Insurance For Senior Citizens

While the previous step would give you an idea of what you need to do about their health, getting a coronavirus health insurance for senior citizens will give you proper peace of mind. When you know that your policy would cover certain aspects of the expenses you are likely to incur because of hospital admission, you could focus on the rest of the activities like you have planned. Health insurance for Covid-19 is highly inevitable right now, especially for the elderly. You could check out different health insurance for Coronavirus plans and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Build Immunity

Once you’ve opted for coronavirus health insurance, you could simply focus on taking steps that would ensure that you don’t have to avail that insurance. By this, we mean building the immunity of your elderly family members. Depending on their age, body type and any existing conditions, give them diets that include fresh fruits and vegetables, essential vitamins and nutrients and wholesome food. It is crucial that their immunity is strong enough to fight and resist the virus. So, plan your weekly meal and food cycle around this.

Wrapping Up

Physical and mental well-being are two sides of the same coin. Your efforts in taking good care of your people should be on maintaining both. Follow the tips we have mentioned and opt for health insurance for coronavirus and we are sure you would keep a majority of the problems and shortcomings at bay. Let’s fight this pandemic together and live to tell the tale.

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