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Health Insurance Factors You Must Consider Before Getting Married
Aug 17, 2022

Getting Married? Health Insurance Factors To Consider

You must have heard several times that change is the only constant in our lives. It is true in terms of all things, be it habits, actions, or even your personal life. One such change that most youngsters in their late 20s or early 30s experience is marriage. It sure is a significant change from living single life to living with a partner. It can be challenging in many aspects, and yet, it can be a wonderful experience. Off the many lists of items, you can plan for your future together, a health insurance policy must be on the top of your priorities. It is a robust way to plan your future, right from the start. Considering the rise in health ailments in present times, a health insurance policy can be one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give to your partner. This article mentions some factors to keep in mind about your health insurance coverage when you are considering a major life event like marriage in the immediate future:

Factors to be Considered While Choosing Health Insurance Cover

  1. Evaluation of Different Health Insurance Plans

The first step in buying health insurance before marriage is taking note of the different available plans. Various plans are suited for specific needs and focusing only on those that provide maximum coverage can help you ensure an all-around cover for your partner. *
  1. Revisiting Your Current Health Insurance Policy

Before you buy any new policies, you must revisit your present insurance coverage. In case you have complete reliance on a corporate insurance plan, it may be wise to switch to individual insurance plans or health insurance plans for family. In addition, your partner’s current health insurance cover must be considered when buying a policy. This will help to make sure there is no overlap in coverage. *
  1. Considering Existing Health Requirements

After revisiting your present insurance plan, it is also crucial to account for any existing health conditions. These can be found by undergoing a health check-up that is generally prescribed for insurance plans. It also helps in the early identification of illnesses as well as seeking the right type of insurance cover. *
  1. Seek a Family Floater Policy

If you have any plans of nurturing a new life in this world with your partner, the beginning of your marriage is the right time. At this time, you can purchase a family floater plan that not only seeks to cover the medical requirements of you and your partner but also will pay for any childbirth costs. However, some family floater plans may require you to buy additional maternity insurance cover. These additional purchases increase the premium (which can be calculated using a health insurance premium calculator). * * Standard T&C Apply

Wrapping it Up

These are some important considerations to remember while securing your future using a health insurance policy. Health insurance is no one-size-fits-all and thus, must be bought only after ensuring all your requirements are met. Considering the plethora of insurance plans, there is a policy for every type of requirement and all you need to do is lookout for the right one. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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