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Reasons to Purchase Health Insurance Early
Dec 22, 2022

5 Reasons to Purchase a Health Insurance Plan Early

Start early! This should your health insurance mantra to reap the right benefits of your policy. Many youngsters, straight out of college and into a new job, couldn’t care less about a health insurance cover. Most of them would disregard insurance as something for oldies. After all why would you need a health insurance when you are young, fit, and brimming with life? What people don’t realize is that as you grow older, you lose out on the advantages offered by a health insurance taken at an early age. In this article, we highlight some of the key reasons for getting a health insurance policy early on. Reason 1: Avoid the Waiting Period What most people do not realize is that when you sign up for a new health insurance policy, there is a significant waiting period. This protects the other members of the fund from making a large claim shortly after joining and then canceling their membership. What this waiting period in health insurance also means is that, as the person gets older, and may need the cover, he/she would have to wait for the waiting period to get over and the cover to kick in. If you start early, however, you are ensured that when you actually need the cover, your waiting period would be over. Reason 2: Avoid High Premiums If you take a policy early on, you can save significantly on the high premium. The premiums for health insurance policies increase as you age. So by taking it early, you not only cover your health risks, but also save quite a few bucks. Moreover, the cumulative bonus benefit over long run as they keep increasing for every claims free year and provide a boost to the policy. Reason 3: Avoid Health Check Ups Taking a health cover when you are older and wanting to subsequently get a health cover with a higher S.I may require health check up/ tests based on their health status. As you grow older, various health conditions might crop up, such as blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  In such cases, you may need to shell out a higher premium for the same cover. If you have certain pre-existing conditions the insurance company might also deny covering them after the health checkup. However, if you start early and these conditions develop later, you are automatically covered by the policy. Reason 4: Avoid the Sharp Rise in Medical Costs The rising medical costs are startling, and if you want a good room in a hospital, you should be willing to shell out quite a bit. A medical insurance automatically ensures that all your risks are covered and you get the right medical attention when you want to. Reason 5: Avoid the Dent in Your Savings Whether you want to go on a vacation, buy a swanky new car, or just save lots of money for an early retirement, use your savings for what you want. A health insurance cover ensures that there are no dents in your savings if you have a medical emergency. On the other hand, a lack of one will not only wipe out all your savings, but can also put you in debt.

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