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How To Rescue Your Car In Rain & Flood?
Dec 5, 2015

Driving in Flood Water – Easy Steps To Rescue Your Car In Rain & Flood

India experiences floods frequently and this year floods have ravaged Gujarat, Assam and Chennai. A heavy downpour in Chennai, the worst that the city has seen in 100 years, has led to floods that have wrecked lives. Floods in Chennai have led to loss of property, belongings and lives. The damages have been pegged around Rs.15,000 crore. Heavy rains can challenge you unexpectedly. Infact, when rain starts to set it's pace and water starts clogging it’s a warning bell to take care of your vehicles. We share some steps that will help you rescue your car during heavy rains and floods. Upgrade your car insurance online instantly with the Engine Protector add-on cover to secure engine repairs during the floods.

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