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Jan 22, 2021

File Insurance Claim While Travelling in 5 Easy Steps

Having a travel insurance policy when you’re traveling is not less than a blessing. In case you face any contingencies on your trip, the travel insurance company has you covered, and you receive financial assistance when needed. The most important cover available under the plan has to be the medical coverage, as it offers you the expenses for the treatments even in foreign lands. Many people who already have travel plans, don’t understand the process of making a claim. As you will be traveling in a foreign country, to claim your travel insurance in India might seem like a hassle. However, it is isn’t that big of a deal. Mentioned below are a few tips to help you submit your travel insurance claims when you’re traveling.
  1. Collect all the important documents for the claim
Documents are extremely important when it comes to the claim process. The travel insurance company will analyze the claim and approve it based on the documents you submit. Even if a single document is missing, it would jeopardize the claim settlement process. Therefore, it is necessary to collect all the relevant documents of the claim, along with your passport copies as well as ticket copies and submit them with the claim form. Everything must be in writing and documented. It is advised to make a copy of every document that you submit.
  1. Understand the exclusions and deductibles
Every travel plan has a list of exclusions that are not covered by the insurance policy. However, under the covered features, you have deductibles. The limit of claim amount which is to be paid by you during the insurance claim process is termed as deductibles. When you have to file a claim, make sure to check if it is covered or excluded from your policy. If it is included in the plan, know the limit of the deductible. The amount of claim beyond that of deductible will be paid by your insurer. When you purchase travel insurance online, you can look at the list of exclusions as well as the deductible limits in your policy document.
  1. Contact your insurer’s international representative
Each insurance provider has tie-ups with international service representatives in several countries. When you want to file a claim in a foreign country, these same representatives help you in doing so. Don’t forget to keep the representative’s number with you all the time. The insurance company will provide you with an emergency claim assistance number. You can find these numbers available on the insurance company’s website while buying travel insurance.
  1. Notify the authorities
In certain cases, the authorities need to be involved. For example, if you lose a passport or your personal belongings, a report needs to be filed for which the local authorities need to be notified. After doing that, keep a copy of the filed report, as you will need it during the travel insurance claim process.
  1. Provide accurate information in the claim form
The claim form must be filled with utmost care. When you are reporting the claim, all the details regarding the incident must be explained properly, without leaving even a minor detail. This helps your insurer understand the claim as well as the amount to be paid. Filing claim isn’t as tedious of a process as everyone thinks it is. Now that buying travel insurance online has become easy, you must know the claim tips as well to make a successful claim. Go through the policy wordings of the plan you’ve opted for as some specifications may differ, for example, some inclusions present under student travel insurance may not apply to family travel insurance. Take note of all the tips and know-how to properly raise a claim under your travel insurance policy.

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