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Sep 29, 2020

Car Insurance Claim Inspection: How To Go About It?

Once it has been notified of the accident, the car insurance company does not compensate you for the damages directly. There is a procedure you have to follow which starts with raising an auto insurance claim and ends with its acceptance or, in a worst-case scenario, rejection. A very important part of this procedure is the auto insurance claim inspection. Here are some aspects of a car insurance claim process.
  1. Pre-requisites to raising a car insurance claim
To raise an insurance claim for damages caused to your vehicle in an accident, you need to have a comprehensive car insurance policy . This is because the basic third-party liability policy only compensates damages or injuries caused to the third-party. Purchasing a comprehensive policy can prove beneficial in more than one way. It insures your car from accidents, damages caused due to natural and man-made calamities, theft, injuries to self, etc. Not only that, you can even enhance your existing policy by purchasing relevant add-ons. However, you need to have been driving lawfully for an insurance claim to be accepted. This means that if you were driving without a valid driving license or had consumed intoxicating substances while driving, then your claim will be rejected.
  1. During the accident
When involved in an accident, check if the people involved are safe/unhurt. If everyone is safe, then you can look for damages. Another important thing to do during an accident is to click pictures or take a video for evidence. This will come in handy when you lodge a claim. The next step is to inform your auto insurance company of the accident. You will probably be told to take your car to a garage if it can be driven. If not, then it will either be towed to an insurer network garage or one of your preference.
  1. Post-accident
A verification process will take place wherein an appointed claim inspector will check your documents, examine your vehicle and verify all aspects of the story. The investigation takes place right after, wherein the inspector will ask his questions for car insurance claim after accident . It is important to answer honestly. After they are done with the inspection process, they’ll send a report to the insurance company. Depending on the claim inspector’s inputs, the insurance company will decide if your claim is to be approved or rejected. Once the claim has been approved, the insurer will directly pay the garage if it is a part of its network. If you took your car to a garage of your choice, then the amount will be reimbursed to you. The entire claim inspection process is done to check the authenticity of the claim. Therefore, remain calm and follow the process religiously to get that claim amount. Above all, always drive safely and lawfully.  

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