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Important Winter Car Care Tips
Jan 19, 2022

05 Winter Car Care Tips- A Complete Care Guide for Your Car in 2022

Winters is a season that most of us love. Yet, we cannot deny that the cold season could be harsh for your car and may affect its normal working. Maintaining your four-wheeler is extremely important. It needs more care, especially during winters. Winter is a season that sometimes poses a threat to anything mechanical. This is generally due to the fluctuating cold temperatures.  For every car owner, it becomes important to go through a winter car service checklist and also have a Car Insurance plan suiting the needs.  It will ensure that the motor vehicle remains in the best possible conditions. You cannot control a season but you do have control over the exigencies. In this article, we have discussed winter care guide tips for your vehicle.

The Care Guide Tips for Your Motor Vehicle in 2022

Before we get to dive into knowing the important tips, ensure that your motor insurance policy is in place. A car should be sent for servicing at least once or twice a year. It depends upon the usage of the motor vehicle and the overall condition. You should keep a check on the servicing following the season. The winter season varies in different parts of our nation. It could be snowy, rainy, or dense fog. So, you could look at making adjustments to the car's care so that it functions better during the winter season. Here is a rundown of the important tips for all the car owners that need to be kept in mind during winters:
  1. Check the Tyres: This should be done every other day. As discussed above, in many parts of India, there is a lot of rain. Hence, it becomes even more important for the cars to be equipped with more grip as there are chances of a skid on the road. Your car tyres require servicing frequently. A tyre that is smooth needs to get changed with a tyre that has a heavy grip. In places where it snows, the tyres need to have chains. It helps to have a grip on the road better and avoid accidents. In case you don’t know, the tyre pressures drop during this season. Check the car pressure periodically to avoid any mishap or accident. Tyre care is a core winter care tip.
  2. Battery Health of the Car: Another important tip has to be checking the battery of the car. With cooler temperatures, the car battery may change its functionality as well. There is a possibility for old cars that the battery might not last through another winter season. Ensure to check the car battery and replace it if at all required.
  3. Keep an Eye on the Fuel Tank: In case you don’t use the car often or it’s just standing outside your home or parked in the garage, you must check its fuel tank from time to time. In winters, the car fuel may freeze depending upon the temperature. A simple suggestion for all the car owners would be to have a full tank that will make it hard to freeze. A full tank is great on the road.
  4. The Taillights and Upgrade Headlights: In this season, a lot of fog is witnessed specifically in the plains and hilly regions of our country. During winters, accidents also happen in such areas because of obstruction in the sight due to dense fog. If you live in such areas ensure that you fit fog lights in the vehicle. Fog light easily penetrates via the dense fog and likewise alerts any vehicle at the same. You may also look at modifying taillights. It is an ideal winter care tip for this season.
  5. Check the Windshield Wipers: Any car that operates in those parts of the nation which experience heavy rainfall in winters should keep a timely check on the wipers and windshield. In case it is not working or gets damaged do get them changed. Rubber is that part of the car which gets degraded easily and in damp conditions can form mold. So, it becomes of utmost importance to get it changed. Taking this precaution is will help you to avoid any sticky situations while you are on road and ensure safety as well.
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Wrapping it Up

Regardless of the season, taking care of your motor vehicle is extremely important. A car owner will have Third party car insurance in place. However, it is highly recommended to opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy for optimum safety. Car insurance in place can save you from a lot of financial troubles. Hope these tips help you to take good care of your car during winters. Drive safe and worry-free!   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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