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BAGIC Stories: Wear Your Brand on Your Sleeves!
Jan 11, 2021

How Can You Be an Ambassador For Your Brand?

The other day while visiting a client in Mumbai, I stepped in the lift behind two young professionals. Oblivious to the fact that there were other co-passengers in the elevator, they started discussing how bad their company was and how poor the management decisions were. The recent decisions and appraisals had caused heartburns for both and they were pronouncing expletives for their management and the brand. I fondly remember, two decades back I joined as a direct recruit officer with PSU insurer and was posted to a very remote town in western part of the country. During our training it was ingrained that we will be seen as face of the organization in smaller places and have to ensure our appearance and behaviour is impeccable. After one year in the service I realized that I had started enjoying my privileged status as a representative of theĀ general insurance behemoth.   Even while traveling in bus/train co-passengers used to ask their queries/grievances and I used to ensure proper responses are provided so as the image of my organization and brand enhanced or remained intact by this small contribution from me.   After 16 glorious years of public service I really felt proud of my status as a public servant trying to do good for the society and contributing to the growth of country in my own way! I had my ups and downs in career but never cursed my organisation, rather revered it. When I look back I see a much contended professional life full of satisfaction. I still like to quote that I gave 16 best years of my hard-working life to nation building and a very noble profession and still proud of the brand.   When I joined a private insurer I continued this love with the brand and ensured in every walk of life the image of my brand was enhanced. Feel proud to wear the id-card or T-shirts/Shirts with company name and logo clearly visible on same.   The millennials joining the workforce look at professional career with very different perspective and a stint in my company may be a stepping stone for them for higher career. Still my thoughts will be love your brand with which you are attached now. It gives lot of satisfaction and purpose to your professional life. If there are shortcomings, be the messenger to suggest improvements. While in public domain always support and enhance the BRAND you work for. Anyone argues or complains listen to him patiently, give solutions and help your customers.   Feel proud of the company you are working for, know its core values and deliver the message through your actions. Be an ambassador for your brand.   WEAR YOUR BRAND ON YOUR SLEEVES! #ProudToBeBAGICIAN.

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