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Peace of Mind with Insurance
Nov 23, 2021

Enjoy Peace of Mind With an Appropriate Insurance Cover

Everyone yearns for peace of mind in today’s times. It is said that when your heart is happy, your mind also becomes free. An appropriate insurance cover certainly provides security against any unforeseen incidents thus giving the person stability, happiness and peace of mind. When one avails an insurance cover, he is guarded against losses occurring in events like  natural calamities accidents, health emergencies etc.

Insurance sector has evolved tremendously over the years. People are expecting value added services along with the various types of general insurance policies. These demands are taken care of amazingly by the key players of the industry. No wonder popularity of different subdivisions of insurance has phenomenally grown and people are opting for it! Some of the subdivisions are as follows:

  • Motor Insurance: Imagine getting stuck with a flat tyre while you are on a road trip. Just the thought sounds irritating, isn’t it? Insurance companies are extending the scope of vehicle insurance coverage with add-ons like spot assistance, towing facility, and key and lock replacement, etc.
  • Health Insurance: ‘Health is Wealth’, isn’t it? With surging health expenses, it becomes very difficult to get the best treatment without a hole in your pockets. Medical insurance comes to your rescue in such situations and thus it is the need of an hour.
  • Travel Insurance: Luck is not by our side always .Imagine losing your passport or baggage while travelling. Scared? Don’t be! Travel insurance comes to your rescue in such a situation and covers loss / delay of baggage, loss of passport, personal accidents, medical expenses and much more…
  • Home Insurance: Natural calamities like Jammu Kashmir Floods (2014) or the recent earthquakes in Imphal and Manipur caused a lot of destruction, isn’t it so? Memories of your most prized possession, i.e., your home cannot be saved. But do save yourself from the monetary blow with home insurance.

With the continuously evolving technology, things have become easier for customers. Renewal and buying of general insurance policies can be conveniently done by sitting in the comforts of your home through internet. All the major insurance companies have their own web portals where information related to all the covers is provided. Customers can read the information online and select the cover according to their needs.

Digitally signed insurance policies are issued by the companies and these papers can be accessed on desktops or even mobile phones. Print-outs of these papers are considered authentic in the time of need. Virtual Offices for people living in rural areas has come as a blessing in disguise as people living in that particular area are equipped with a tablet. Purchasing and renewing of policies can be done virtually through that person. Claims can also be settled up to a certain extent. In this “digital age”, mobile apps have become essential and popular. Insurance sector is no exception and companies have started coming up with the same. Thinking about the date your policy needs to be renewed, mobile app comes to your rescue with reminder!

Wrapping it Up

Rapid growth in the insurance sector has compelled the players to come up with the best policies and lucrative offers. However, there is a sharp rise in number of frauds and malpractices. Thus, taking a policy from a reputed company is advised.

Stay insured! Stay safe!

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