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Jul 21, 2020

Ensure Complete House Protection

How many times have we driven past someone else's house and admired it? A number of times for sure. We spend our entire life's earnings to buy our dream house. We spend months and more months making sure it is just the way we dreamt of it, with the right amount of space, the right furniture, even the most perfect curtains!

However, do we ever prepare ourselves and our house for any unforeseen events that the future may bring? The question is, do we spend as much time reading about protection and buying home insurance? Unfortunately not. Building the dream house is just half the work done. It is only after one has insured it that the job gets truly done. The market today has a number of home insurance policies that are available. These policies offer covers for any mishaps that could occur in a house. From unruly fires to thefts to even natural calamities, the policies aim to cover the damages that could possibly take place to the house and the property within it.

Even though a number of policies are available, the Indian customer still faces apprehension in purchasing them. A lack of awareness amongst the customers is the primary reason as to why home insurance has very low penetration in the Indian Insurance market.

To understand the needs and expectations of the Indian customer, Bajaj Allianz conducted a survey. The objective of this survey was to find out what customers look for while buying home insurance covers. What the survey found was that these policies did not garner enough attention from the customers because they simply failed to generate a sense of confidence and faith in them. Another finding of the survey was that the customers expected not just a cover to protect their home but also something that protected their belongings inside the home - all at a price reasonable. Keeping all these findings in mind, Bajaj Allianz designed an innovative comprehensive home insurance policy with the aim to cover all major risks that can be associated with a home and the property within it. But the main objective was to make the customers feel confident and secure about their policy.

The plan was designed in such a way that it would also compensate the market price of the property with the cost of the construction - a feature very rare in other home insurance policies that are available in the market. In addition to that, the policy covers the expenses borne with regard to any additional rental costs. Furthermore, in case of any unforeseen events leading to damage of the property inside the house, such as any electronic appliances or furniture, the policy would cover those damages as well.

There is no doubt to how important home insurance is. Like mentioned earlier, the job only gets half done with purchasing a home. What truly finishes the job is once it has been safeguarded with a good home insurance policy.

Visit the Bajaj Allianz website and take a step closer to safeguarding your dream house.

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