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Jun 14, 2018

How to make a home insurance claim

Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance

A home insurance policy is the best way to stay protected in case of losses or damage done to your home and/or its contents due to unfortunate events such as floods, fire, earthquake, theft, burglary etc.

Home Insurance Coverage:

home insurance policy can cover you for the below mentioned events:

  1. Natural calamities such as fire, floods, earthquake etc.
  2. Unprecedented events such as burglary, theft and house-breaking.
  3. Loss or damage of contents such as furniture, electronic items, kitchen items, clothing and other personal belongings that have been insured when the policy was purchased/renewed.
  4. Loss or damage to jewelry, portable equipments and other valuables

You can make a claim with your insurer if your home and/or its contents have been destroyed by the above mentioned events.

Documents essential for filing home insurance claim:

Keep the following documents/information ready when filing a home insurance claim:

  1. Claim form - To be filled and signed by you; the insured
  2. Details about the incident such as list of items lost/damaged, FIR copy (in case of theft/burglary) and receipts of the items purchased
  3. KYC documents, as per the clause mentioned in your policy document
  4. NEFT documents
  5. Brief summary of the incident

These are some basic details needed by the insurance company when you file a home insurance claim. The list might vary according to the nature of the event and the clauses as detailed out in your policy document.

Home insurance claim process:

The claim process is a well-defined set of steps that you are expected to follow when registering a claim with your insurer. The claim can be filed either online or offline (by contacting your insurance company via call or email).

We at Bajaj Allianz have accelerated the process of claim registration, document uploading and monitoring claim status by providing our customers with online claim portal which is easy-to-understand and hassle-free. You can access this portal here.

While registering the claim offline, these simple steps will act as your guide:

  1. You need to intimate about the loss/damage to your insurance company through call center or mail
  2. Insurance company will then appoint a surveyor to analyze the theft/loss
  3. A claim number will be generated and the same will be communicated to you
  4. The surveyor will assess the incident site and provide the list of documents needed from you
  5. After all the documents have been submitted by you, a detailed survey report will be generated
  6. The claim department will verify the documents and finalize the claim amount
  7. The same will be informed to you and the insurance company will then release the payment
  8. After you receive the claim amount, the claim will be marked closed

Pro-tips for home insurance claim:

  1. Read the policy document carefully before you submit the claim
  2. Keep two sets of documents, required for claim; one for the insurance company and one for your reference
  3. Keep record of the claim number
  4. Verify all the details before submitting the claim form
  5. Be patient, as the claim process might take some time to complete

You can cover your home and its contents with the home insurance policy that best suits your needs. You can further include add-on covers for more protection. With monsoon arriving in India, there are chances of road blockages and floods which may cause a great deal of damage to your home and its assets. Therefore purchase a home insurance policy and be on the safer side. Also visit our website to know more about the claim process.


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