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Key Tips to Choose Home Insurance in India
Feb 6, 2023

Handy Tips When Choosing Home Insurance in India

Home is where the heart belongs. Buying a home is a dream that most of us see with open eyes. When it comes to buying a home it involves years of hard work, patience, energy, and most importantly your hard-earned money. So, it becomes extremely important to secure your home from any calamity with a home insurance policy. Any man-made or natural calamity never comes with prior notice. So, protecting your home from such possible damages is important. Fret not! Read ahead to know more about a home insurance policy.

What Does Home Insurance Means?

Buying home insurance should be on top of your priority list in case you are or about to be a homeowner. In an otherwise uncertain world, having home insurance coverage gives you that measure of certainty. Even if you are a tenant in any city, the house insurance policy will shield your belongings against any eventuality. Choosing the right house insurance will help to secure personal property such as furniture, laptops, or any other appliances. It is recommended to always choose comprehensive home insurance coverage and have that peace of mind. A home insurance policy secures your home and the content inside it. The policy is designed in a way that offers cover to various risks and contingencies that an owner may face at any given point in time.

Tips to Choose the Home Insurance Policy in India

Now, that you know what home insurance means, let us have a look at the following useful tips to choose the right home insurance in India:
  • Assess the Needs: Before you quickly jump into buying home insurance make sure that you understand the requirements. Understand the home insurance benefits, and features, and compare the quotes to have an idea of the premium that you would end up paying. Diligence plays a key role in buying insurance.
  • Customize the Plan: While buying the insurance policy, it’s important to understand that you would not require everything. So, once you have an understanding of the requirements customize the home insurance plan accordingly.
  • Choose Add Ons: You can also pick from an array of add ons. The riders are the adds-ons that enable to increase the coverage. Remember, opt for add-ons only if you feel it is required. We should not forget that the add ons are not included in the base plan. An extra premium amount needs to be paid to benefit from the add-ons. Add ons are helpful as it insures the invaluable assets simply under a roof.
  • Check the Claim Settlement Ratio: When it comes to purchasing house insurance, before making the final purchasing decision look for the claim settlement ratio of the company. The claim settlement ratio will give you a clear picture of the insurer’s efficiency to clear the claims. The claim settlement ratio depicts the number of claims the company has settled to the number of claims received in a year.
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Wrapping it Up

A home is a place that is not built in a day. It is a priceless investment with uncountable and lifetime memories. So, safeguard your happy abode with a home insurance policy. These tips will help you make an informed and wise choice. Also, if you already have a home insurance policy in place, do not forget to renew it timely. In case the home insurance policy renewal date is missed, the policy may lapse. However, the terms and conditions may vary from insurer to insurer. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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