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Book Lovers Day Celebration
Nov 22, 2021

Book Lover’s Day – Celebrate the Bibliophile in You

Have you ever thought that your connection with books started right after you were born? Though, you were not the one reading all the books, but you would hear different stories, see colorful pictures and listen to the lovely rhymes, which came from the books. After the initial years of liking the books, many start to dislike them. This generally happens when you are sent to school and reading books becomes a necessity to pass exams and reach the next grade. But there are many, who grow fond of them and slowly turn into bibliophiles over time. Books have been in existence since ages and the very first appearance of books dates back to 3rd millennium BC. Since then every generation passes its knowledge to the next generation in the written form, called book. Today you can download books on your mobile and have access to millions and billions of books anytime and anywhere. People have different preferences when it comes to books. There are various genres –  like historical, fictional, non-fictional, cook books, self-help books, academic books, biographies, autobiographies, books from different languages, books with pictures and poetic books – and everyone has their favorites among these. The books you like may differ in genres and might appeal to other people differently, but when reading books gives you the peace of mind, you treat them as your friends. People who collect or have a great love for books, are called bibliophiles. There are many people who have collections of books that are vintage and are no less than a treasure. August 9, is the day to celebrate the book-worm in you. You can cozy up in your favorite corner with your favorite book and spend the day enthralled in the world of words. Share your thoughts with us about your favorite book. Use the #HomeIsWhereBookIs to celebrate your love for books. Speaking of your love for books, did you know that you can insure your books and cover them in case any unfortunate event causes damage to them? Visit our website and know more about the home insurance policy that lets you insure the contents of your home, including your collection of books.

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  • Ramakrushna panda - August 27, 2018 at 8:33 pm

    Great love for books. Deeper connection with different genres of books. Have been always book worm. The best friend of mine on the time of my depression and suicidal thoughts it really pushes me forward to look beyond the sights of this entire world.

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