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Dec 4, 2018

Smart Ways To Reduce Household Waste

Pollution has become one of the major factors responsible for many critical illnesses as well as a great number of fatalities. Many of you think that pollution affects you only when you step out of your house, but the sad reality is your household waste also causes pollution, which might make you sick. Small changes in your lifestyle and smart ways to manage the household waste can help reduce the trash in your home. It is rightly said that charity begins at home. So, once you start dealing with the waste in your home smartly, you can contribute in a much larger way towards reducing the waste in your surroundings. Here are 5 simple and smart ways that can help you reduce the household waste:
  1. Start recycling There are many items that you use in your home that can be recycled. Recycling is a way to dismantle original items and turning them into some new things that can be reused. Items made up of glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, and a few electronic and plastic materials can be recycled easily to reduce the waste in your home.
  2. Shop Smart You should make a deliberate effort to buy items such as milk in returnable and reusable glass bottles. You can return these bottles back in the store & get some money back or use them as water bottles when you go out somewhere. You should also carry your own reusable bags (preferably a duffle bag) when you go for shopping, this will reduce the plastic trash in your home.
  3. Go the e-way Another great way of reducing the paper waste in your home is to drop the subscription of newspapers and magazines. You can buy e-books & subscribe to e-libraries so that you develop a habit to read & browse online. This will greatly reduce the paper trash in your home.
  4. Plan the meal for complete week Once you start planning the meal for a complete week, you will realize that you need only a limited amount of grocery items. This way, you can reduce the clutter in your fridge and also avoid the loss of certain items that go bad if not used for a long period of time. Making your meal plan can greatly reduce the food waste in your home.
  5. Believe in the power of repairing Nowadays it’s a trend to throw away the things that have been damaged or broken. This leads to a lot of wastage. The things that you discard usually do not end up directly in dustbins and you treasure these damaged and broken things for a very long time (like till the , when you will annually clean your home). You should stop this piling up of old & broken items and instead repair or reuse them.
While getting rid of the waste from your home and beautifying it yet again, do not forget to secure your most valued possession. A home insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz is the perfect way to safeguard your finances in case of any unexpected incident that might cause damage to your home. Checkout more general insurance plans that are curated to safeguard you and your loved ones in the unfortunate circumstances.

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