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Aug 02, 2017

Why people don't buy a home insurance, but should!

Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance

When it comes to our homes, we make sure it has everything that we dream of. From the right kind of furniture, to the right amount of space and lighting to even installing state-of-the-art security systems - we make sure our safe haven is well equipped with everything that we may need.

As home-owners it is our duty to take into consideration all the safety measures that we need and most of these measures are even fulfilled by us. However, the one thing that many of us shy away from is purchasing home insurance. Unfortunately, not everybody realizes the importance of insuring one's house and still consider it as a step that they can skip by giving their own reasons and excuses.

We now talk about the most commonly used excuses OR reasons that are given by people who shy away from home insurance.

Buying Home Insurance Is Difficult: According to people, Insurance is considered a road that isn't much taken hence, the myth that purchasing insurance is extremely difficult and complicated still exists in our country today.

Buying Home Insurance Is Difficult: According to people, Insurance is considered a road that isn't much taken hence, the myth that purchasing insurance is extremely difficult and complicated still exists in our country today.

In reality, insurance can be purchased in just a matter of minutes! All that one has to do is to go online on to an insurer's website and then choose from the plans and covers available. One can browse through the policy, the benefits offered and the premium in order to select the most suitable plan.

I Cannot Afford Home Insurance: Many people think that purchasing and maintaining the insurance to one's assets can be a tough task. However it is really about how well you budget your finances and foresee the future. The insurance premium comes at a very reasonably priced amount and isn't even a figure that can't be covered in one go- like the sum insured amount.

I Live In A Rented Accommodation: Many people feel that spending money on purchasing insurance for a rented accommodation is a waste. However it is crucial to understand that an accident or calamity or damage can happen anywhere, even in a rented setup. Accidents will never come on your door and knock and clarify whether the house belongs to you or someone else. For this primary reason, home insurance is essential, even as a tenant.

No Time: This one is the silliest of them all! Many people claim that they have no time in their busy schedules to go see an insurer and to purchase home insurance.

We all have a life where we have to prioritize and juggle between things. Now to make insurance more accessible and convenient, a person can simply go online and purchase a plan straight from the website, all in just a few clicks.

I Have Ample Savings To Pay For Any Damage: People work very hard to earn their livings and believe in saving up to not only fulfill their desires but also to keep themselves financially secure through a rainy day. However it must be learnt that you can never foresee the kind of finances you or your family members may be in need of for major or sudden expenses. It is therefore always better to have your house insured so at least any expenses related to your house are taken care of.

In conclusion, one can only say that it is wiser to purchase a home insurance policy and stay safeguarded from any unforeseen expenditures rather than to wait for accidents or calamities to occur and then to go and purchase a house insurance plan. Visit the Bajaj Allianz website today and go get your house insured at the soonest.


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