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What Is International Internet Day
Jun 9, 2021

International Internet Day – Celebrating the Beginning of the Online Era

Many of you might not remember when the first time you used internet was or what the first message you sent to someone via the internet was. But the internet can tell you exactly which the first ever electronic message to be transferred from one computer to another was. It was in California, on October 29th 1969, that the first ever electronic message was transmitted. The message transferred comprised of just two characters – ‘L’ and ‘O’. The attempt was to send a text message ‘LOGIN’, but the system collapsed after the first two characters were transferred. People all over the world celebrate October 29th to commemorate this achievement, which has led to the creation of this huge network of networks called internet. Every year, since 2005, this day is celebrated as International Internet Day. Today, Internet Day aims to exhibit the possibilities offered by new technologies to improve the standard of living of people and by giving them insights about technology and its functions. With the advent of internet in 1969, people have learnt, explored, adapted, lived and enjoyed the virtual world. In today’s modern times, internet is the lifeline for numerous day-to-day activities, and it all began when Charley Kline transmitted the first ever e-message – ‘LO’. How can you celebrate the International Internet Day? You can celebrate this day by organizing events in your company and organization. You can give awards to people, who have had significant contributions in educating people about the uses and benefits of internet. You can also organize programmes to promote web accessibility. There are always two sides to a coin. Similar is the case when it comes to internet. With the advancement of the positive side of this breakthrough technology, there emerged the negative side as well. The criminal world witnessed the birth of a new type of illicit class of people called cyber criminals, who developed harmful sources of code, malware, viruses, Trojan horse etc. which have the potential to cause cyber-attacks and bring your system to complete halt. In the month of October, which is celebrated as cyber security awareness month, we recommend that you ensure the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones by purchasing our Cyber Safe Insurance plan, which is India’s first ever cyber insurance product designed for individuals. Our cyber insurance coverage provides security against 10 potential cyber threats, which is essential to ensure that your online presence gets effective security.

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  • Amar - October 29, 2018 at 9:16 am

    Happy internet day..

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