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All About Computer Security Day
Jun 3, 2021

November 30 – Computer Security Day – How to Celebrate It?

Computers, laptops, smart phones and other electronic devices have made the life of people convenient to a great extent. But this convenience comes with downsides such as cyber-attacks and data privacy issues. The devices people use at their workplace as well as their home are equally exposed to the cyber-attacks. Every year, Computer Security Day is celebrated on November 30, since the year 1988. This day is celebrated to raise awareness among the masses about information security and ways to keep all of their electronic devices and data protected from any potential threat. Celebrating the Computer Security Day Here are top 10 ways to participate & celebrate the Computer Security Day, which can ensure that you are safe online as well as offline:
  1. The most appropriate way to observe this day is to make sure all your data, whether on your computer, smart phone or even in cloud is secure.
  2. Carry out some basic security checks on your device as directed in the computer security policy of your organization.
  3. Use strong passwords to prevent any unauthorized access to your computers and mobile phones.
  4. With the help of maintenance team of your company, put up posters on relevant places about computer & information security, where people can read it.
  5. Develop a habit to change your passwords regularly. You can take the help of any of the password managers, which can help you choose and save a strong password.
  6. Always remember to use separate passwords for different user accounts that you operate from your different devices.
  7. You should update all the malware protection & anti-virus software on your system.
  8. Take data back-up either in an external USB, hard-drive or cloud.
  9. Clear the clutter from your system and delete all the unwanted and temporary files. You can also secure your files by encrypting them using a strong encryption algorithm.
  10. Upgrade the OS (Operating System) on your devices and ensure to install all the security updates at regular intervals to keep your data and devices safe.
Besides adopting these security measures, we recommend that you also purchase a cyber liability insurance policy, which can be beneficial for you in case you become the victim of cyber-attacks such as IT theft, identity theft, phishing, email spoofing, cyber insurance plan safeguards you financially against 10 potential cyber threats. Also, visit our website to know what does cyber insurance cover and its benefits on this computer day.

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