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Travel Insurance For UK

Travel Safe to UK with Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Located on the northwestern shore of Europe, the United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland - each of which has distinct customs and culture. The countries offer toursists an exciting blend of culture, sports, arts, natural beauty, history and entertainment.

When it comes to holidays and trips abroad, there are many things that may qualify as 'essentials'. One of the most important things you don't want to overlook is travel insurance; get yourself a good travel insurance policy for UK from Bajaj Allianz, which will cover you from unpleasant risks - be it a medical emergency or lost luggage.


The Top Things to Do in the UK

  • River Thames: Best way to see London? A Thames river cruise meanders through the heart of the city, giving you a glimpse of the city's prime touristic attractions.

  • Manchester: Known for being a city of sport. Manchester boasts two of the biggest football clubs in the world bearing the city name - Manchester United and Manchester City. A visit to the clubs' stadiums is a dream come true for any sports fan.

  • Scotland: Whatever pops into your mind when you imagine a castle, you will find it in Scotland - home to some of the finest castles in the world. It also boasts some of the most magnificent and rugged natural landscapes

  • Northern Ireland: Visiting legendary natural attractions, such as the Giant's Causeway, along with the newer attractions, such as Belfast Titanic, are the top things to do. The filming of the famous show Game of Thrones has brought in waves of tourists over the years, turning it into one of the world's must-see destinations.

  • Wales: Head to the capital of Wales, Cardiff, for an international rugby game to soak up and be a part of an electric atmosphere featuring the home nation in action.

Benefits of UK Travel Insurance with Bajaj Allianz


Whether you are travelling with family or solo, for pleasure or business, you should invest in a travel insurance plan to protect yourself against unexpected risks. Bajaj Allianz's travel insurance for UK policy offers a wide range of features and benefits. Here are some of the big plusses of our UK travel insurance plan:

  • Quick support: Fast and efficient 24-hour Emergency Assistance team available to assist you anywhere in the UK with just one missed call.

  • Wide-range of policies: Pick from a range of UK travel insurance policies, that cover you against all eventualities.

  • Special cover: If you are a senior citizen or a student, go for tailored cover

  • Quick claims: Have the benefit of quick payment of claims

  • Extensive cover: Get cover for medical emergencies, cancellation of your trip, loss of belongings, lost passport etc


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