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International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance

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In the words of Saint Augustine,

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’.

Travelling is the key to expanding the mind and spirit. Whether you are a globetrotter, a seasoned traveller, or travelling for the first time, international travel can be stressful and overwhelming. A long flight, different time zone, language barrier, currency issues; the list can go on. Any surprises can pop up along the way.

Preparing for international travel is important. At Bajaj Allianz general insurance, we ensure that you ‘Travel with Care’ with aninternational travel insurance policy;


What is International Travel Insurance?

Imagine your passport or checked-in baggage being lost in a foreign country. Or that you fall sick, the flight gets delayed, or you end up missing the connecting flight. Well, situations like these can be certainly scary. Any mishap or illness can leave you stranded when in a foreign country.


With Bajaj Allianz international travel insurance plan, you can come back with happy memories come what may. Having overseas travel insurance secures you financially from any untoward incident.


From an overseas medical emergency or trip curtailment to loss of passport or baggage, we have got you covered throughout the trip. Travel insurance especially in the post-pandemic world should not be neglected at any cost. COVID-19 is an example that has proved that life certainly is unpredictable. Having a financial safety cushion in the form of insurance coverage can assure you to travel worry-free across the globe.


Always check the travel guidelines before you book your flight tickets. Travel is a part of personal, professional and academic life. Before you board the flight, secure yourself by buying international travel insurance from India.


Features of International Travel Insurance

Having adequate travel insurance coverage ensures your safety while you are abroad. Here’s a quick rundown of the key features offered under the best international travel insurance plan:

  • Plan for Every Age:

    The travel needs of every individual vary. For instance, the requirements of a student will differ from someone who is travelling alone or with family. You can buy international travel insurance plans online, specific to your age, and with suitable benefits.

  • Cover for Loss of Passport/Baggage:

    Losing your passport or baggage is scarier than it sounds. In case of complete and permanent loss of the checked-in baggage, a cover for the same is offered.

  • Cover Against Home Burglary:

    While you are away from your home enjoying the vacation, a burglar may want to take advantage of the same. Having home burglary coverage offers compensation in case of a theft at your home in your absence.

  • Cover for Trip-related Adversity:

    There could be a situation where you had to cancel your travel plan. It could be due to your falling ill or any family emergency, etc. Having a valid insurance plan secures you from financial expenses. It includes hotel room reservations, flight tickets, etc.

  • Emergency Cash Advance:

    You may require emergency cash under an unforeseen event like theft/burglary of luggage or money. You may avail of cash benefits up to a specified limit when having an international travel policy.

  • Personal Liability:

    Any legal liability incurred by the insured to pay damages for third-party claims need not be paid from your pocket. Having adequate insurance takes care of the costs arising out of accidental bodily injury/accidental property damage that occurred during the insured trip.


Advantages of Bajaj Allianz International Travel Insurance

With Bajaj Allianz International Travel Insurance, you are travelling smarter, safer and with our special care. Our plans are designed to give complete protection and peace of mind. 




Types of Plan

Individual, Family, Senior Citizen, Corporate and Student


Freedom to customize as per the travel needs


Round-the-clock support along with Missed call facility

COVID-19 Cover


Add-on Benefit

Yes, like Trip Delay Delight, Schengen cover, emergency hotel accommodation, etc.

Claim Process

Digitally-enabled processes

Claim Settlement

In-house team for faster processing


Why Do You Need International Travel Insurance?

More often than not, most of us think that travel insurance is not important. There are times when people consider including the insurance policy in their travel itinerary only when it is a mandate by a country.

Yes, you read it right! Countries like Cuba, Russia, Schengen countries, etc. have a mandatory international travel insurance requirement.

Do You Know?

  • Medical expenses outside India are 2-3 times more costly
  • On trips, people usually lose their passports, luggage, cash, bank cards, etc.
  • Travel scams are common in popular tourist destinations

Having a comprehensive overseas travel insurance policy covers financial and medical emergencies that may arise at any point during the trip. It also offers compensation up to a specified limit.

  • Medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation
  • Loss/delay of checked-in baggage
  • Trip delay/cancellation/curtailment
  • Missed connection
  • Hospital daily cash allowance
  • Hijack cover, and much more

To choose the best plan buy international travel insurance online at cost-effective premiums.


What’s Covered Under Bajaj Allianz International Travel Insurance?


Our international travel insurance plan in India will cover you in every possible situation that may incur at any point in time on your international trip:

  • Loss of Passport:

    If the passport gets lost or misplaced in a foreign land, the insurer will assist and also compensate for the reasonable costs involved in getting a duplicate passport made.

  • Loss of Baggage:

    You will be compensated for the permanent loss of the baggage based on the check-in baggage while you were travelling. A baggage cover permits you to incur the necessary expenses.

  • Baggage Delay:

    You will be compensated for the essential items in the baggage, such as worn clothes, toiletries, etc. Having such a cover ensures that in case of a stressful situation like this, your travel remains smooth.

  • Trip Cancelation/Curtailment:

    There could be different reasons to cancel/curtail a trip. Any sort of medical emergency, natural calamity, etc. may also lead to a curtailing of the trip. With this policy, be assured that you will be reimbursed for booked tickets, etc. A cover like this is handy when tickets booked are non-refundable.

  • Flight Delay:

    A flight delay is something that can happen at any point in time. In case of a flight delay or re-booking of a new flight, additional costs are compensated. Some insurers may also offer to book a new flight in case of a flight delay. However, ensure to inform the insurer at the earliest.

  • Hotel Booking/Bounced Flight:

    If you have already booked a hotel/flight, you will be reimbursed for an airline booking or pre-booked hotel room. This will only be offered if the coverage for the same has been opted for.

  • Hijacking:

    In the rarest of scenarios, where the aeroplane gets hijacked, a cover for the same offers reimbursement for financial distress. In case you are travelling to a destination that is not that opulent, having this cover will be beneficial.

  • Accidental Death:

    This is a must-have cover for anyone taking an international trip. In case of an adverse situation, such as an accidental death, the family of the deceased will be offered compensation up to a specified limit.

  • Personal Accident:

    Any personal injury incurred during the trip gets compensated by the insurer. However, if the injury is due to consuming any alcoholic substance or drug abuse, no compensation will be provided.

  • Personal Liability:

    It offers cover against any claim made for bodily injury, or damage to property/third person during a trip. Having a cover like this ensures security from any unprovoked circumstances that may be difficult to settle in a foreign land.

  • Medical Evacuation:

    A standard insurance policy for travel covers an emergency medical evacuation. Having this cover will be helpful if the insured needs to be airlifted. Moreover, the insured will also be reimbursed for the expenses incurred toward medically equipped flights with apparatus back to the native country.

  • Interruption of Studies:

    Anyone going abroad for further education, should look at choosing a student travel insurance plan. It offers cover for the expenses incurred during studying abroad. The covers offered within a plan may vary from company to company and should be customized as per the need.

  • Home Burglary:

    If the insured is travelling outside the country and an act of theft/burglary incurs in the insured absence, the company will pay for the damages/losses. This will be covered up to a specified limit and as per the extent of the cover.

  • Credit Card Theft:

    This cover is a must-have when travelling to an international land. In case the credit card gets lost through theft/burglary, intimate the insurer. You will receive an emergency cash advance. The information about this will be provided by the agent to the insured.


Note: This is not an exhaustive list. For more information, read the policy wording carefully.


What’s Not Covered by Bajaj Allianz International Travel Insurance?

We try our best and wish that nothing goes wrong on your international trip. As important as it is to know what is covered, you should also know what remains uncovered under travel insurance. Here’s a quick rundown of the general circumstances/incidents/scenarios excluded in our travel insurance plan:

  • Participation in any naval, military, or air force operations, whether in the form of military exercises or war games, or actual engagement

  • Loss, destruction, or damage to any property or any loss or expenses resulting or arising there from or any consequential loss directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from

  • Actual or attempted engagement in any criminal or other unlawful act

  • Any consequential losses

  • Traveling to any country against which the Republic of India has imposed travel restrictions or if the country has imposed or may impose subsequently, such restrictions against travel by a citizen of the Republic of India to such country

  • Engaging in air travel unless he flies as a passenger on an Airline

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. For more information, read the policy wording carefully.

When, Where and How to Choose International Travel Insurance?

Whether you are buying single-trip travel insurance or multi-trip travel insurance, it does require a lot of research. To help you make an informed decision, listed below are some factors you should be mindful of while purchasing a travel insurance plan:

  • Travel Destination:

    Travel insurance largely depends upon the destination you have chosen. The requirement for coverage may vary from country to country. Some countries may not even permit a visa if you do not have sufficient international travel coverage.

  • Trip Duration:

    Before you look for a plan, keep into account the length of the trip. It is better to choose a plan of a duration exceeding the trip date. Just in case you need to extend the trip for a few days, you do not lose out on losing the cover. 

  • No. of People Traveling:

    If you are a solo traveller, pick an individual travel insurance plan. In case travelling with a family, you should go with a family travel insurance plan. Before buying a plan, count the number of travellers and accordingly customize it, basis the location. The international travel insurance cost will differ from plan to plan.

  • Travel Frequency:

    The reasons for travelling could be different. If you are a regular traveller, you should think of selecting a multi-trip travel insurance plan. A plan like this will help you to enjoy the vacation without having to apply for a new travel plan every time. In case it’s going to be a one-time visit, opt for a single-trip travel insurance plan.

  • Claim Process:

    No matter which insurance plan you buy, there is a specified limit as to which the insurer will pay for different claims. While opting for a sum insured, keep into account the claim limit. With a low claim limit, in case of any medical emergency, insurance coverage won’t suffice. On the premise of where you are heading and for how long, pick a suitable sum insured for your international travel. A higher sum insured implies a higher premium, yet; it is worth it, in case of any unforeseen event.

T&C apply

Things You Should Know When You Are Planning an International Trip

An international trip sounds exciting, yet, planning for the same can be exhausting. Before you head out to your destination, jotted below are important things that you need to keep in mind:

First things first!

Buying An International Travel Insurance Policy Online

  • Visit https://www.bajajallianz.com/general-insurance.html

  • Select the type of travel insurance that you wish to avail

  • Next, enter your full name

  • Select the type of travel insurance policy out of the three options:
    1. Leisure
    2. Business multi-trip
    3. Student

  • This is followed by choosing the relevant option as per the last selection

  • Provide date of birth, travel destination, return and departure dates, and the pin code where you reside

  • Enter a valid phone number where the quote will be shared and click on ‘Get My Quote’

  • The values are analyzed and a quote will be sent on the phone. You may change the sum insured amount as per the need

  • Select the plan you wish to go ahead with. You may also look for add-ons if required

  • Enter either the CKYC number or PAN card number

  • You may view the travel insurance premium break up or directly click on the ‘Proceed’ tab

  • Enter all personal information and then click on ‘Make Payment’

  • Choose the mode of payment and make the payment

  • Once you receive the payment confirmation message, the insurance-related documents will be sent by email instantly

You can keep safe by getting your Schengen travel insurance online.

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for International Travel?

Having sufficient travel insurance coverage is a wise decision specifically when on an international land. It is important to understand that travel insurance is not mandatory to enter every foreign country.

An emergency never comes knocking on the door. Unexpected incidents such as lost baggage or trip cancellation can take their toll on you, both emotionally and financially. Adequate international coverage takes care of the financial aspect and you remain worry-free.

Wondering which countries require travel insurance? To avoid any confusion, contact the embassy or consulate of the destination you are planning to visit. The table below has the names of the countries where travel insurance is a mandate:



United States of America








Schengen countries



United Arab Emirates


Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Countries may be added/removed as per the countries' policy which is subject to change.


Where Do Indians Get An Arrival Visa?

Applying for and getting a visa may at times be overwhelming. However, some countries offer visa-on-arrival and you need not go through the entire process.


The table below shows the names of the countries that allow visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders:










Cabo Verde




Cameroon Union Republic


Republic of Marshall Islands


Cook Islands


Reunion Island*






Guinea Bissau*





The table below shows the list of countries that offers visa-on-arrival and e-visa facility:






Saint Lucia




Sri Lanka



Can Indians Get Schengen Visa Without Travel Insurance?

Amidst the requirements for a Schengen visa for an Indian passport holder, having a travel insurance policy cannot be missed. The Schengen countries have set rules to have a travel health insurance policy to meet the visa application.

Any Indian who wishes to visit a Schengen country needs to have Schengen travel insurance to visit Europe. To apply for a Schengen visa from India, listed below are the criteria that need to be met:!

Buying An International Travel Insurance Policy Online

  • Minimum coverage of €30,000.00 (equivalent to Rs. 2,699,453.67 as of May 2023)

  • A cover applicable in all Schengen member states

  • A cover for expenses related to emergency medical treatment, evacuation for medical purposes, or repatriation from Europe to India

You can keep safe by getting your Schengen travel insurance online.

How to File a Claim for International Travel Insurance?

It is important to understand the travel insurance international claim process. You can file a claim for travel insurance online by sending documents to travel@bajajallianz.co.in

For intimation of Hospitalization please use our miss call facility by dialing +91 124 6174720:

Cashless Travel Insurance Claim

The cashless claim is only applicable for hospitalization overseas. The incurred hospitalization cost should be more than USD 500.

  • Submit the documents by sending them on travel@bajajallianz.co.in

  • After the claim gets submitted and verified, you will receive a payment guarantee letter

  • In case the provided information or any document is missing, the insurer will get in touch to complete the formalities. The travel insurance claim process then continues

  • Documents required for cashless claim
    1. Claim form (to be filled and signed by the insured)
    2. Attending physician statement (to be filled and signed by overseas treating doctor)
    3. Release of Medical Information Form (ROMIF) to be filled and signed by the insured and to obtain the medical records from the facility
    4. Medical records/consultation papers/investigation reports
    5. Invoices/ Bills / Estimate Claim Amount
    6. Visa copy with Entry Stamp Overseas and exit Stamp from India
    7. Copy of FIR (filed with the local police authorities) in case of an accident
    8. Death certificate/Post Mortem report in case of death

Reimbursement Travel Insurance Claim

The reimbursement usually takes up to 10 days or more. Ensure that the documents submitted are complete and correct.

  • Collect and submit all original copies of the document to Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Health and Travel Administration Team (HAT)

  • Once the documents are verified, the payment will be received within 10 business working days via NEFT

  • In case the provided information or any document is missing, the insurer will intimate you about the same. The pending documents need to be submitted within 45 days

  • The insurer also send three reminders with a gap of 15 days, requesting to complete the formalities

  • On the completion of 45 days, if the documents are still pending, the claim process will be aborted

What Do You Need to Prepare for International Travel?

There are more things than just packing luggage, booking accommodation and flight tickets. Here’s a quick essential international travel checklist:

  • Check travel guidelines

  • Know your destination, the local customs, laws, language, etc.

  • Money, debit/credit cards

  • A sturdy travel bag

  • Universal travel adaptor

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Make electronic and hard copies of all important documents such as passport, visa, identity proof and an international travel insurance policy

  • Medications/handy first-aid kit

  • Get vaccinated/carry a vaccination certificate

  • Know the currency exchange rates and ATM fees, if required

  • Download the basic necessities (such as offline Google Maps)

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Travel sized toiletries

  • Luggage locks

  • Microfiber towel

  • Most importantly, stay connected with your family and friends!

Travel with Care!

Mobile App Travel Insurance Claim Settlement

We also offer an exclusive service of automatic claim settlement in case the trip gets delayed. If you are using Bajaj Allianz General Insurance mobile app, you need not claim for a trip delay.

The mobile app keeps track of the flight. In case there is a flight delay, the payouts as per the limit are processed automatically.

*T&C apply

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Average Rating:


(Based on 5,340 reviews & ratings)


Straight forward online travel insurance quote and price. Easy to pay and buy


Very user friendly and convenient. Appreciate Bajaj Allianz team a lot.


Very nice services with affordable premium of Travel insurance



Do I need International Travel Insurance to obtain a visa?

Not all countries across the globe have made it mandatory to have a travel insurance international policy. However, to avoid hassles and have a smooth journey, it is recommended to have a valid travel insurance policy.

Will International Travel Insurance cover missed flights?

Yes, the travel insurance companies in India do offer cover for missed flight connections. This may vary from insurer to insurer. Before buying a plan, take a thorough understanding of the plan carefully.

Can International Travel Insurance be used to cover trip cancellations?

International travel insurance offers cover in case of trip cancellations, subject to terms and conditions in the policy schedule. It is advisable to check the same with your insurer as well. .

Does International Travel Insurance provide coverage for hotel booking cancellations?

There could be various reasons for cancelling the international trip. In case of a situation like this having comprehensive travel insurance coverage ensures not to leave you in financial distress. You will be reimbursed up to a specified limit for hotel booking cancellation and so forth.

Is it possible to purchase International Travel Insurance after booking my tickets?

You can buy travel insurance even after buying the tickets. Yes, it's best to be an early bird so that you do not miss out on certain travel insurance benefits.

What qualifications must be met to obtain an international travel insurance policy?

We offer travel insurance plans for various age groups. The table below shows the eligibility criteria to avail of our travel insurance policy in India:


Types of Plan


Individual/Family Travel Insurance

Individual age: 18 years to 60 years

Self, His/Her spouse and 2 dependent children: Below 21 years

Children age: Between 6 months to 21 years

Student Travel Insurance

16 years to 35 years

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

70 years and above

Group Travel Insurance

Minimum: 10 members


Note: The criteria may vary from insurer to insurer and as per the country.

Is any medical evaluation required when purchasing international travel insurance?

There are insurance companies that offer coverage without undergoing any medical check-ups. Yet, for specified age groups, medical tests are required. In some countries, there are mandatory medical tests. It is recommended to check the travel guidelines of the destination and likewise check with the insurer as well.

Is it advisable to purchase international travel insurance online?

Buying international travel insurance online is easy, convenient and quick. You may also look at buying the travel plan offline. You can buy the insurance policy in a way that is accessible to you

Is it a requirement to have international travel insurance for international trips?

Availing medical care or treatment in a foreign land can prove to be expensive. Besides, there are countries where travel insurance is a mandate. Travel insurance is of much help in case of any uncertain events occurring, such as loss of passport, loss of checked-in baggage, trip curtailment, etc.

Written By: Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 25thApril 2024


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