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About Motor Insurance

About Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that is mandatory for vehicles like trucks, cars, jeeps, bikes, scooters, etc. This policy offers coverage to the vehicle owner/driver against financial losses that may occur due to accidents or other kinds of damages.

Having valid motor insurance is compulsory in India to protect vehicle owners from potential financial risks. It is the best form of security that you can acquire to prevent significant expenses that result after an accident. The Government poses the compulsion for the safety of the individuals who travel via motor vehicles daily.

No one can deny that buying a vehicle is the second most expensive investment in a person’s life after home. Thus, protecting the investment against unforeseen events is crucial. Considering the hike in the vehicle repair charges and the risks involved in driving, an unfortunate accident can put a big hole in your pocket.

The yearly premiums that you pay for the motor insurance policy are meagre as compared to the advantages and protection the coverage will offer you in case of mishaps. Though there are many misconceptions regarding the policy, it will most certainly compensate you against the physical damage that arises under different circumstances.


Why Should You Buy a Vehicle Insurance Policy?

Believe it or not, driving in India has many associated risks. Millions of people own a driving license, and there is at least one vehicle in the household. Vehicles have become a crucial means of transportation, eliminating people’s need to travel via public transport. At the same time, we also know that an increased number of private vehicles also increases the risk of road accidents and rule-breaking. Accounting for such factors, it becomes critical to own a vehicle insurance policy. Besides that, let’s review the primary reasons to buy a comprehensive motor insurance policy.

  • Legal Requirement

    The first reason is, of course, to follow the laws and regulations of the Government. A person should oblige to buy a motor insurance policy with minimum coverage before taking the vehicle out on the road.

  • Third-party Damage Coverage

    With sufficient coverage, you can pay for the damages that occurred after a collision with a third-party. Without motor insurance, you’ll have to pay from your pocket, and an appropriate amount of coverage can take care of such expenses.

  • Security Against Theft

    Theft is one of the most significant threats on a vehicle. But with a vehicle insurance policy, you are protected against theft, vandalism, and all man-made harmful activities.

  • Damage Expense Coverage

    Paying outright for vehicle damage repairs will affect your financial condition. However, you can pay for such damages with the insurance even though the amount is hefty as long as you have enough coverage.

  • Insurance against Personal Injuries

    Not every vehicle owner is lucky to get out of accidents without suffering from injuries. The motor insurance policy will pay for all the minor and major injuries that might occur due to accidents.






Features of a Motor Insurance Policy

A vehicle insurance policy is composed of numerous features that are beneficial not only for the vehicle owners but also for other parties. The insurance companies allow a vehicle owner to keep their customers and others safe on the road by providing the following features.

  • A hassle-free way to acquire motor insurance online with minimal efforts.
  • Avail comprehensive and third party insurance for complete protection.
  • Renew the insurance online without having to waste your time travelling or filling hard copies of forms.
  • Get proper coverage against natural and man-made calamities, including floods, earthquakes, theft, accidents, and vandalism.
  • Include third-party liability coverage to compensate for the losses of other parties.
  • Making cashless claims is also easier by providing sufficient evidence in case of accidents and theft.
  • Most companies have a network of garages where you can get repair work done and ask for an evaluation of the vehicle’s condition after mishaps.
  • No claim bonus feature allows a vehicle owner to file a claim at any time and even offers transference to other insurers.
  • All motor insurance companies offer dedicated assistance and customer support service to the customers to keep them updated regarding the motor insurance policy and claim status.
  • Add-on features are also available to allow customers to add coverage in the policy at any point.


Why Choose Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance?

Feature Bajaj Allianz Offers
Expense Cover Full coverage for accidents and damage due to natural disasters or vehicle malfunctioning
Third-Party Liability Compensation for the damages caused to others
Personal Benefits Financial support after severe injuries or permanent disability resulting from accidents
PA Cover Up to Rs. 15 lakhs
Claim Settlement Ratio 98%
No Claim Bonus Up to 50%
Add-on Benefits Zero depreciation cover, breakdown assistance, conveyance benefit, consumable cover, and more
Online Services Paperless-digital insurance application and processing, online claims, spot services, and coverage adoption
Claims Process Digital - Within 20 minutes*


Types of Motor Insurance in India

Whether you are buying a private car, two-wheeler, or a commercial one, the types of motor insurance plans are broadly classified into two:


  • Comprehensive Insurance Policy

    With this policy, you can pay for damage to your vehicle as well as others, including motorbikes, private cars, scooters, and commercial vehicles.

  • Third-party Insurance Policy

    The third-party motor insurance policy is liability coverage that is uniformly applicable to all vehicles. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, third party car insurance and third party insurance for bike are compulsory for vehicles plying on Indian roads. Failure to comply with this rule would result in an individual to paying hefty fines according to the Motor Amendments Act, 2019.

  • Pay As You Go

    It is a new type of policy that allows the policyholders to pay by calculating the kilometres driven.

With these two motor insurance policies in consideration, the types of vehicle insurance are categorised as below.


  • Car Insurance

    Car Insurance

    The ideal choice to secure your private four-wheeler is getting car insurance. It is a contract that is drawn between the vehicle owner and the insurance company that covers both comprehensive policy and third-party liability. With this plan, you will get benefits like:

    • Cashless claims
    • Personal accident cover
    • Loss/damage protection
    • Unlimited liability for third-party injuries and death claims
  • Two Wheeler Insurance

    Two Wheeler Insurance

    As the name suggests, two wheeler insurance or bike insurance is meant for scooters, bikes and other two wheelers. It is a type of vehicle insurance that will ensure a safe ride as two-wheelers have slightly more risks of personal injuries. The benefits included in the plan are:

    • Comprehensive coverage
    • 2/3 years of own damage motor insurance
    • No claim bonus protection
    • Inflation protection
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance

    Commercial Vehicle Insurance

    The risks of damage to commercial vehicles are more than private vehicles. Hence, commercial vehicle insurance allows drivers to reduce the losses that incur in unfortunate events. It involves vehicles like tractors, cranes, taxies, goods carrying vehicles, passenger-carrying vehicles, etc. The benefits will include:

    • Unlimited liability coverage for injury and death claims
    • Personal accident cover
    • Offers loss and damage protection
    • Indemnity for other’s property

    You can purchase a suitable vehicle insurance policy that protects all kinds of vehicles in worst-case scenarios. Be it fire, burglary, vandalism, earthquake, flood, storms, or accidents; you can feel secure under all circumstances.



Motor Insurance Coverage

Coverage Third-Party Comprehensive
Against Natural Disasters No Yes
Against Man-Made Disasters No Yes
Personal Accident Coverage Yes Yes
Third-Party Expense Coverage Yes Yes
Fire Damage No Yes
Engine Protection No Yes
Depreciation Protection No Yes
CNG Kit Cover No Add on
Accessories Coverage No Add on
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Inclusions Under Our Motor Insurance Plans

Before buying a vehicle insurance policy, you must explore the extent of the coverage that comes with the plans. Here is a list of inclusions in the comprehensive policy offered by Bajaj Allianz. Remember that a Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Policy covers Third-party liability too.

  • Third-Party Coverage :  The third-party coverage will pay for the damage inflicted by a person on other people and their property in the case to fulfil your obligations

  • Personal Accident Cover :  It will allow a driver or vehicle owner to compensate the third-party for a sum of INR 15 lakhs in case of permanent disability or death of a person.

  • Damage Due To Man-made Calamities :The inhumane activities like burglary, riots, strikes, malicious acts, theft, vandalism, and similar activities are also covered in your vehicle insurance policy.
    Both third-party liability and comprehensive coverage is a legal requirement for all vehicle owners and drivers that involve both private cars, two-wheelers, and commercial vehicles. If you fail to oblige, you might face additional charges. So, make sure that you opt for the policy that provides sufficient coverage to keep you safe physically, mentally, and financially.
    In order to peruse the detailed list of inclusions & exclusions of your desired plan, refer to the motor insurance policy wordings.

Updated Vehicle Insurance Covers After IRDAI’s Rule

IRDAI emphasised making vehicle insurance more affordable for vehicle owners. Hence, the rules and regulations around the motor insurance policies are updated.


Insurance Covers IRDAI 2018 Regulation IRDAI 2020 Regulation
Third Party Only Cover 3-year TP Insurance for Cars & 5-year TP Cover Retained
Third Party + Comprehensive Cover 3-year and 5-year TP + Comprehensive Cover Updated to 3-year and 5-year TP + 1-year Comprehensive Cover
Standalone Comprehensive Cover (TP Cover mandatory) 3-year and 5-year Comprehensive Cover 1-year Comprehensive OD Cover


Here are the changes that most significantly impact the policyholders:

  • The Sum Insured for private cars up to three years will be based on road tax/registration, on-road vehicle price, and manufacturer accessories.
  • The long-term policy expiry date and the third-party expiry date won’t match if you buy the standalone OD policy on different dates.
  • Instead of basing the premiums on the IDV of the vehicle, geographical zone, car make, model, engine capacity, or others, it will depend on the individual’s driving habits.
  • IRDAI has standardised the No Claim Bonus grid for all vehicle insurance policies with a renewal range of 20-50%.
  • The Registration Certificate of vehicles on which theft and total loss/constructive total loss claims are made will be cancelled, and the documents will be surrendered.
  • The compulsory deductibles are now standard and the waiver on these deductibles are also lifted for less ambiguity.
  • A standard grid is proposed to calculate the depreciation value of the vehicle that will be settled during claim settlement.
  • The passengers in the motor vehicles shall receive Rs. 25,000 medical expense cover in case of accidents, and it lies under the basic policy.
  • A Named Driver Policy is adopted for private cars and two-wheelers to incorporate the driver’s details in the policy schedule.
  • Electric Vehicles insurance premiums will get a 15% discount. The liberty to withdraw the long-term cover from one company and switch to another is a customer-friendly move. With so many positive changes, vehicle insurance in India is certainly easy to afford.


Motor Insurance Policy Exclusions

Knowing the exclusions will ensure that you won’t face any challenges during claims:

  • Depreciation of the vehicle is not covered under the motor insurance policy as normal wear & tear, and ageing of the components is a consequential loss.
  • Driving under the influence of prohibited substances will make you ineligible for claims. We promote safe driving under all circumstances.
  • An invalid license will also nullify your insurance protection as it is illegal to drive without a valid license.
  • Unfavourable risks like war, mutiny, or nuclear attacks are chaotic and uncontrollable, which results in exclusion from an insurance policy.

Parameters That Affect Vehicle Insurance Premium

Here are the parameters that will impact the vehicle insurance premiums on both the short-term and long haul.

  • Model/Make/Variant: The vehicle’s elemental composition, its type, cubic capacity of the engine, etc., have a direct effect on the motor insurance premium.

  • Age & Engine Type : Age is related to depreciation value and insured declared value that decreases the vehicle’s value over time. The engine type, i.e., petrol or diesel, affects the IDV, increasing the premium.

  • Demographics:Operating a car in the metro area is expensive due to the increased risk of accidents.

  • Cover:Getting comprehensive coverage will cost you more than standalone third-party liability coverage, which leaves you underinsured.

  • Add-Ons:Adding security features and cover like zero depreciation, passenger cover, etc., will increase the premium amount.

  • No Claim Bonus:You get a discount on policy premiums if you don’t raise a claim in the previous policy period.

  • Deductibles:You get a choice to opt for the voluntary deductible to minimise the motor insurance premiums by contributing a predetermined amount.

  • Anti-Theft Features:Installation of anti-theft devices certified by ARAI will help you fetch better discounts on motor insurance premiums.

  • Seller:To reduce the motor insurance premiums, buy a policy from the seller directly instead of going to an agent.

  • Digital Insurance:Digital-first plan comes with a variety of features at a lower price than the market for new purchase as well as renewal of the policy.

How to Use a Vehicle Insurance Calculator?

Most of the companies use a standard motor insurance calculator to determine the amount of premiums for the chosen coverage. Though different companies follow distinct criteria, we’ve kept the calculations straightforward and easy to understand. You can use our online calculator by providing us with some necessary information about your needs.

For a new car, you need to provide us with the following information to calculate the motor insurance premiums.

  • Name of the vehicle manufacturer
  • Car model
  • Registration state of the car
  • Manufacture year
  • Car Owner details

For a used car, the vehicle insurance calculator needs slightly variable information given below:

  • Type of car and fuel used
  • Previous car motor insurance plan details
  • Registration Number
  • Change of Ownership documents (if applicable)
  • History of Claims

With these details, we can calculate the best value of premiums for the insurance coverage you wish to buy.


Benefits of Buying/Renewing Motor Insurance Online

Not long ago, people had to visit the stores to learn about insurance policies. But with the digitisation of all services, customers can now avail the benefits of buying motor insurance online. It is far better than the traditional method of getting insurance and also presents the simplest way to compare and finalise your decision.

Here are some key benefits of getting motor vehicle insurance online.


  • Easy Comparison

    Easy Comparison:

    Instead of visiting multiple stores, you can get quotes from as many motor insurance providers as possible and compare their services and rates without any interference. Most companies provide a detailed explanation for their plans, which further makes it possible for customers to contrast the features and benefits in a hassle-free manner.

  • Time-Saving


    No more wasting time to go through the extensive paperwork! The vehicle insurance online services work by collecting fewer details and make the entire process less hectic. The information is processed smoothly, and issuance is provided without further delay.

  • Secure Transactions

    Secure Transactions:

    Offline purchase of motor insurance policies involves a lot of paperwork that contains confidential data. Online processing removes that risk, and transactions are done without documentation making it secure.

  • Multiple Payment Modes

    Multiple Payment Modes:

    Most companies offer multiple payment modes to avail cashless transactions and premium payments for the insurance policy. You can even renew the policy online now.

  • Customisation Option

    Customisation Option:

    Customers can opt for any coverage plan and get add-ons on the policy as you want. Moreover, you can learn all about the features and policies of different companies to figure out the best plan.

  • Transparency


    Unlike the conventional searches that were confusing and dealing with motor insurance agents is not necessary now. The agents used to leave out many specifications to convince potential buyers. But with vehicle insurance online covers, the process is transparent now

  • No Middleman

    No Middleman:

    As stated above, the motor insurance agents or third-parties won’t clarify every aspect, rule, and regulation of the policy. But the online process removes the middleman and eliminates the uncertainty from choosing the best plan.

  • Immediate Policy Issuance

    Immediate Policy Issuance:

    If you buy vehicle insurance online, the time taken for processing all documents is reduced to a few minutes. You can get the policy instantly, and the details you submit will be saved to the insurers

  • Convenient


    Whether you are out of the city or have a busy schedule, purchasing the desired motor insurance coverage can be done while you are sitting at home or office anytime.

  • Online Renewal

    Online Renewal:

    One appreciable benefit of motor insurance online is that you will stay updated with the policy status and renew the plan on time before it expires.


Things to Consider While Buying Vehicle Insurance

During the purchase, you need to account for the following factors to get the best rates on comprehensive coverage.

  • ✓   Coverage : Explore whether you need comprehensive coverage or third-party liability coverage on an urgent basis. In our opinion, it is always better to go with comprehensive vehicle insurance online.

  • ✓   Add-Ons : Learn about the add-on features provided by the company and pick the additional coverage that is appropriate in your specific case.

  • ✓   Personal Accident Cover : Always account for whether the policy you are buying will cover you in case of personal accidents or not.

  • ✓   Claim Procedure : Go through the claim process to figure out how complex the task can be if, at some point, you need to file a claim.

  • ✓   Garages : All motor insurance providers have a network of garages where vehicle service and repairs are more affordable than local garages. You must consider them as the vehicle will need servicing more frequently as you travel.

  • ✓   Zero Depreciation Cover :  A car’s value becomes almost half the moment it steps out of the showroom. To maintain the monetary value of the vehicle, you must opt for zero depreciation cover to combat the loss that will result after depreciation.

  • ✓   NCB : Find out whether the motor insurance providers offer a good No Claim Bonus and other benefits when you need to renew the policy after expiration. With each year that you spend without claiming the insurance, the discount for the next year’s plan progressively increases.

  • ✓   IDV : Only reliable insurers will offer you the best market value of the vehicle after deducting the depreciation amount. With this, you can get compensation called Sum Insured in case of theft or total destruction of your vehicle.

  • ✓   Policy Document : Never sign any documents without reading and reviewing the policy. There are many clauses in the document that might confuse you. So, always go through the document carefully and only then finalise the purchase.

  • ✓   Premiums : Ask for detailed specifications for how the company calculates the premiums for your motor insurance online. Be aware of the factors that play a role and clear your doubts without hesitation.


Documents Required to Buy Vehicle Insurance Online

The documents required to avail of motor insurance online are given below.

    • ✓   Proof of Identity (Passport/Driving License/Aadhaar/PAN Card/Government Issued Photo ID)
    • ✓   Proof of Address via Passport/DL/Bank or Post Office Passbook/Government Issued Photo ID
    • ✓   Recent Passport size photo
    • ✓   Driving License
    • ✓   Vehicle Registration Certificate


Steps to Buy/Renew Motor Insurance Online

To make our services better for all our customers, we guide everyone carefully throughout the purchase and renewal of vehicle insurance in India.

  • Buy Motor Insurance Online

    When it comes to buying motor insurance online, Bajaj Allianz offers a simple and straightforward method for all customers. You need to visit our official website and provide details of your vehicle such as model, variant, location, etc. By entering these details, you can proceed further where different plans will appear on the screen.

    Choose a plan, add additional covers, and get quotes for the plan. You can directly contact us through a call to know more about the plans. Our agents will guide you through the process. Once you are satisfied with the choice of coverage, agree with our terms and conditions, and finish the policy purchase. All your documents will be sent via mail, followed by a hard copy that will be sent to your doorstep.

  • Check Vehicle Insurance Status

    One of the best reasons to buy motor insurance online is because you can also check the status online. The insurance documents will be accessible online, and you will also get alerts regarding the expiry date. You can find the start and end dates for the plan in the documents. With our digital-first service, you can log in using your credentials and check the status online. Besides that, you can also call us or drop an email to request the status details. The information will be sent to your number and email address shortly.

  • Renew Motor Insurance Online

    Talking about motor insurance renewal, the process is quite similar to new buyers. You will have to provide the same information as above. If you already had a policy with us, you can simply enter the policy number, and all your insurance details will be extracted from your account to smoothen the renewal. As the details appear, choose a plan that you wish to continue with. Don’t forget to look for additional features and add-ons for the policy to get better coverage and make the payment. The documents will be sent online instantly.

  • Avail Vehicle Insurance Online via Mobile App

    Bajaj Allianz vehicle insurance renewal is also possible via Mobile app. We have a dedicated mobile application to buy motor insurance online that supports all the features of the website and a hassle-free way to communicate with the agents. Enter the app and fill the online renewal form to provide old policy details. Check the information in the form and make the final payment using a debit card or net banking. The renewed policy document will generate immediately. Save the document and take a printout whenever you have time.

  • Motor Insurance Offline Process

    The conventional way to obtain and renew motor vehicle insurance is by visiting the branch with all the documents. The offline process is almost the same, except that you have to provide a physical copy of the documents. Schedule your visit to the nearest branch and buy the policy with suitable coverage by paying through cheque, debit card, or demand draft.

Why is Motor Insurance Mandatory in India?

It is the Motor Vehicle Act that specifies the rules and regulations regarding driving in India. We know that owning motor vehicle insurance is mandatory for all drivers and vehicle owners, considering the number of accidents that take place annually in the country.

What the Motor Vehicle Act specifies?

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, all vehicles that operate in public space must acquire sufficient motor vehicle coverage without any exception. The basic motor insurance policy must cover the minimum amount of third-party liability coverage to provide for other people involved in accidents or mishaps.

The primary reason to buy a motor vehicle insurance policy is to eliminate the expense that occurs after accidents. And don’t forget, India is a country where the population is rising unruly. As a result, the number of vehicles is also on the rise. To protect against the threats that arise on the road, vehicle insurance is the best solution.

After the amendment in 1988, it is essential to carry various provisions like driver’s license, vehicle registration document, permits, liability coverage, insurance cover, etc., on the road. And after recent changes, failure to fulfil these obligations will lead to fines and penalties worth INR 500 to 25,000 with additional penalties that involve ceasing your documents.


Steps to Claim Vehicle Insurance Policy

Filing for a vehicle insurance claim isn’t as complicated as you think, only if you choose the right insurance provider. Before you finally decide to claim the insurance, here are some prerequisites that you must take care of.


  • ✓   Contact your insurer as soon as you meet with an accident and file an FIR.
  • ✓   Get assistance in towing the vehicle to the nearest garage only after securing all the evidence of the accident scene.
  • ✓   The network garage will provide you with a quote regarding the estimated cost of repair.
  • ✓   You will need that bill to present it to the insurance providers.
  • ✓   The insurer will verify the documents and evaluate their authenticity, and only then the claim process can begin.
  • ✓   Know that the deductibles and depreciation value can’t be claimed. Only the remaining amount will be paid to you as compensation.
  • ✓   After accounting for all this, the process you will have to follow goes like this.
  • Step 1: Register for Claim

    Log in to our website or call our toll-free number to register for a claim. The delay you make in making a claim and contacting us, there is a higher chance that the evidence you can use will get tempered.

  • Step 2: Submit Mandatory Documents

    We will need you to submit the following documents to ensure that the motor insurance claim process goes without a hitch.

    • ✓   Chassis and Engine Number
    • ✓   Date and time of the accident
    • ✓   Location and description of the event
    • ✓   Car inspection address
    • ✓   Kilometre readings
    • ✓   Police Complaint (in case of accidents and theft)
  • Step 3: Claim Settlement

    The moment you submit the documents, we will initiate the process and dispatch the money after verification directly to the receiving party.


Importance of Motor Insurance Renewal

You might not believe it, but according to a survey, 60% of vehicles on roads in India are operating without valid insurance. And that’s because people don’t understand the importance of motor insurance renewal. Motor insurance India is a legal requirement for your safety as well as for others. The risks associated with motor vehicles are far greater than we can fathom. Hence, we ask you to renew your insurance policies before expiration.

  • No Rejection of Car Insurance Claims:

    Renewing your policy the day before expiration will ensure that you don’t face any challenges during the claim process. In case any major accident takes place after policy lapse, you won’t have any backup to pay for repairs or deal with medical expenses.

  • Keep Insurance Premiums Moderate:

    Your application for acquiring vehicle insurance can be rejected if the policy isn’t renewed under a specific period. And even if the application is accepted, you will have to pay a hefty premium. All of this can be avoided by renewing the insurance on-time.

  • Save with No Claim Bonus:

    The No Claim Bonus is offered only to policyholders who take their insurance plans seriously. If you let the policy expire, the discount that is highly beneficial for vehicle owners will nullify, and you will have to pay big size insurance premiums.

  • Easy Inspection for Renewal:

    Companies follow a standard procedure for vehicle insurance renewal, which involves inspection to assess your vehicle condition. With the assessment, you can determine how much insurance coverage you need to buy.

  • Quick & Hassle-Free Renewal:

    Not renewing the policy results in rejection from insurers. You must get vehicle insurance renewal on time to prevent the hassle of looking for a new insurance provider. And trust us, searching for a provider that fits your budget after a lapse is very challenging.

Written By: Bajaj Allianz - Updated : 09th October 2023


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The Captioned Vehicle was met with an accident. on 31.10.2020. The vehicle was used by our Zonal Manager Sir. We appreciate the timely and speedy action initiated by you in getting the vehicle ready for use within short span of time. The action has been appreciated by all.


I really like the way I was being treated in relation to my claim. So the customer Dealing was professional as well as friendly and enhanced my confidence upon the Bajaj Allianz deal with it and assured you to take note of it for further reference to myself and for the others.


I am very much satisfied with Bajaj-Allianz service . with in 2 hour my claim was settled by some latest OTS service . And Surveyor Mr Durga Prasanna Giri give me a excellent service .


In lock down period good service by your staff without difficulty to senior citizens like me. Thanks once again. kindly send policy copy by courier


Initially during the lockdown time, I felt that there was no one to respond to my queries. Once the staffing has been good, your customer care team did a fantastic job and I got a copy of the vehicle policy. in fact, too many people called me to make sure that my issue is resolved. Thanks a lot.


Response to claim settlement was quick, especially during COVID lock down period. it was hassle free..

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   How to apply for motor insurance?

Applying for motor insurance with Bajaj Allianz takes within minutes by using our online portal. You can fill the form through our website or using the app and submit the necessary documents to complete the application. The documents will be verified, and you will be able to choose a plan that suits your budget and finalize the vehicle insurance policy as quickly as possible. 

   What is the period for which a Motor policy is issued?

In general, a motor insurance policy is valid for one year. After that, the vehicle owner must renew the policy before the due date without any lapse; otherwise, it will affect the NCB discounts and the premium rates. 

   When do we require a proposal form from the customer?

The Proposal Form is required in the situations of:

●     New business

●     Other company renewal

●     For transfer of interest

●     To convert the Liability Only Cover to a full package policy

●     Change/Substitution of the vehicle

●     Modification or improvement of the vehicle during current policy or during the renewal 

   What is a Cover Note?

Cover Note is a very common phrase for insurance providers that describe the temporary documentation of the vehicle insurance. It serves as proof that you have valid insurance in advance before you get the final document. It includes the following details such as name, address, vehicle registration, the purpose of the vehicle, level of cover, policy number, expiry date, and special conditions. 

   What is meant by IDV?

IDV stands for Insurance Declared Value, which is the maximum claim the insurer pays for your vehicle when it gets damaged or stolen

   When do pre-acceptance inspections have to be carried out?

The pre-inspection of the vehicle is carried out in the following situations:

●     Break-in insurance

●     Conversion of TP Cover to OD cover

●     Covering Imported Vehicles

●     Fresh Payment arrival after bounced cheque

●     When an authorized person from the underwriting department comes for vehicle inspection 

   Will my motor insurance policy be transferred when I buy a new vehicle?

No, if you buy a new vehicle, you will have to acquire insurance for both of them separately. As per the rules, you cannot have the main insurance policy for two vehicles at once. However, with Bajaj Allianz, there is a provision to the personal accident cover for two vehicles under one policy. 

   When is an endorsement required?

The endorsement is the document that serves as evidence to change a policy. It incorporates the changes in the policy terms if the customer asks for any alterations, and it’s done by approaching the Motor Insurance Company at the time of issuance. 

   What are the documents required for renewing the policy?

If you wish to renew the policy, you need to submit the following documents:

●     Premium Cheque

●     Renewal Reply Form

●     Changes needed by the customer in the new policy

●     Old Policy Details

●     Vehicle Registration Number

●     Payment Details

●     Proof of Identity

●     Proof of Address and Vehicle Ownership 

   What is the Employees Compensation Act? How does it affect TP insurance claims?

The Employees Compensation Act states that all workmen and their families will get paid in case an industrial accident or occupational-related disease results in an employee’s disablement or sudden death. 

When such an unfortunate event appears where you hurt someone physically, and it results in death, the third-party insurance coverage pays for the loss of the other party to unlimited liability as compensation, which is usually decided by a court law. 

   How does Judiciary play a role in adjudication of third-party motor insurance claims?

After the enactment of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Act, the convoluted insurance cases and the increasing incidence of fraud can be handled with better efficiency by the judiciary. Judiciary will help clear the backlog while serving natural justice. 

   What is Third Party Liability cover? Is it covered under my Motor Insurance Policy?

Under the premise of third party insurance, the third party gets the benefits and damage cover. The third is the beneficiary who is other than the other two parties involved in the transaction. Under the Motor Insurance Policy, the insured needs to get additional third party insurance as it is not covered under the comprehensive insurance policy. 

   What events pertain to negligence in third-party motor insurance?

Negligence refers to the breach of the preset duties that results in an injury or damage to the entities. Out of the two types of negligence, the contributory negligence happens when the injured himself has contributed to the damages done to the other party. The accidents happening due to another party and the injured is not directly involved in the event come under composite negligence. 

   Is my No Claim Bonus (NCB) transferable under my vehicle insurance plan?

Yes, if you have accumulated the no claim bonus from the previous insurance vehicle company then the NCB benefits can be transferred to the Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance. However, you will only get 90 days to transfer the benefits. 

   What should I do in case of an accident/theft of the vehicle?

The first thing that you need to do is register an FIR with the nearest police station on the place from where your vehicle is stolen. Then you can stake a claim with the insurance company. However, for the same you need to submit several requisite documents including the FIR and claim documents. You can submit a claim online, ask the representative, or give us a call. 

   When should I renew the insurance for my vehicle & why?

The ideal time to renew your insurance is before the existing insurance policy expires. It is pertinent to renew the insurance policy because it gives you the benefits of keeping the vehicle safe and secured from any sort of damages or from the incidents covered under your insurance policy. 

   Is there any eligibility criteria to purchase a motor insurance policy?

There are no special conditions to buy a motor insurance policy. If you have a vehicle in your name which is acquired legally, then you are eligible to get any sort of motor insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz. 

   What is the basic working model of motor insurance in India?

The motor insurance policy India works under a simple and effective system. Initially, the buyer gets an insurance policy from the insurer and in case the vehicle gets damaged the policyholder can put a claim and wait for the insurer to verify it and then approve it subsequently. The insurance company settles the claim as per the terms and conditions set forth during purchase. 

   Is it possible to switch to a different insurer as well as a different insurance plan?

Where it is possible to switch to another insurance plan and also get the services from a different insurer, it cannot be done in case you already have an insurance policy. You can change between the policies and the provider during renewing the policy. 

   How long will the online vehicle insurance policy buying process take?

The online insurance purchasing process is one of the fastest and the easiest ways to get insurance. It can only take 3 to 5 minutes to buy vehicle insurance online. But, you need to conduct your research before buying a plan. 

   What does motor insurance policy cover?

Under the motor insurance policy cover the insured can get;

●     Cover for damages to their own vehicle.

●     Personal accident cover

●     Personal accident cover for passengers

●     Death or body injury of the third person

●     Damage to third party property

   Are Electrical/Electronic accessories covered under vehicle insurance?

Under the online vehicle insurance policy, the users can get cover for electrical or electronic accessories, but with an additional add-on cover in addition to the existing insurance policy. 

   What are the concessions that can be allowed under a motor insurance policy?

There are concessions allowed for the specially designed and modified vehicles for the blind, handicapped or other specially abled individuals. So, these individuals can buy motor insurance policy online at lower premiums. 

   What are additional PA covers available under motor insurance?

Under the motor insurance policy in India, the additional PA covers include;

●     PA to the owner driver and paid driver. Other than this, you can also get PA cover for the unnamed occupants and named occupants. 

   Will my motor insurance policy be transferred when I sell my vehicle?

It is possible to transfer the vehicle insurance in the name of another person. However, it can be done only within 14 days after transferring the vehicle from the date of transfer. In case the existing owner buys a new car and wishes to transfer the insurance to the new vehicle, then the owner of the transferred vehicle has to get a new online motor insurance policy. 

   Do I need multiple PA covers for different vehicles?

No, as per the new IRDAI regulations, multiple vehicle owners can take a standalone personal accident cover when they buy motor insurance. 

   What does 'fault and no fault liability' mean in Motor TP Insurance?

Under the no fault liability motor insurance policy, the claimant does not need to prove his or the vehicle’s default or neglect in case of an accident. The new motor insurance act has also increased the compensation of the no fault liability vehicle insurance claim to 5 lakh in case of death and 2.5 lakh in case of injury. Under the fault liability, the claiming has to prove negligence and default to get the insurance benefits. 

   What are the features of long term motor insurance policy?

Under the long term insurance policy the insured can claim all the benefits of third party vehicle insurance coverage pertaining to the vehicle. Added to this, under this insurance cover, the insured benefits from the immediate commencement of the risks ensured under the policy. The long term online motor insurance policy can be taken for three years for a car and five years for a two-wheeler. 

   Will I get a Personal Accident cover if the vehicle is registered under someone else's name, but is driven by me and the premium is also paid by me?

As per the rules, the personal accident cover covers the damages and injuries incurred by the owner-driver. In case, there is another driver of the vehicle, then the insured has to buy an additional personal accident cover which invites an additional premium. 

   How is the value of the vehicle (IDV - Insured Declared Value) determined?

To calculate the IDV of the vehicle, we need to look at three things;

●     Manufacturer’s listed price car price (according to brand and model)

●     The commencement of the vehicle insurance policy (new or renewal)

●     Depreciation 

In the calculation of the IDV of the vehicle, the side cars and other accessories should not be included in the listing price. 

   What will be the premium for my vehicle?

A lot of things go into the calculation of the vehicle insurance premium.

●     Type

●     Make

●     Usage (kilometers driven)

●     Cubic capacity

●     Registration date and place

●     Past claims

   How can I reduce the insurance premium for my vehicle?

To make sure that you end up paying the most cost-effective vehicle insurance policy premium, start by comparing different offers and insurance plans. Other than this, not claiming the insurance benefits for the entire term will also help reduce the premium for the next policy. Lastly, vehicles with safety devices and drivers with a better driving record will end up paying lower premium. 

   How does GST affect my motor insurance premium?

Car insurance premiums attract 18% GST. Earlier under the regime of the Service Tax, the insurance premium was 15%. But as per the GST regime, the users will end up paying 3% higher tax than the previous scheme. 

   Should I claim vehicle insurance in case of injury to a pedestrian in an accident?

Apart from taking care of the injured person and not panicking, you need to secure the accident spot and take enough pictures of the vehicle and the injured individuals. Inform the police and do not run away from the accident spot as it may lead to the admittance of guilt and lead to putting a comprehensive claim on your policy. By following the process you have the chances to invite a contributory claim. 

   What are the types of events or losses not covered under this vehicle insurance policy?

Unde the Motor Insurance policy, you will not receive the benefits for damages caused due to:

●     Breakdown (mechanical and electrical)

●     Soiled condition of the vehicle due to the age

●     Depreciation and consequential loss

●     Losses occurring due to deliberate accidents

●     Losses due to driving under influence

●     Damages occurred due to driving without a license

   Can I claim my vehicle insurance policy in the grace period?

Grace period refers to the extension provided by the insurer to the insured in case the latter does not pay the premium on time. However, the insured cannot claim during the grace period as there is no coverage provided in the grace period. 

   How long does claim settlement take once I've filed a vehicle insurance claim?

The ideal time to settle the claim provided by an insurance company provider is 14 to 28 days. But it also depends on the circumstances and the existing conditions of the claim. 

   What if my motor insurance policy expires?

In case your vehicle insurance expires, you are advised to get a new policy immediately. It is not allowed to drive on the roads in India without an insurance policy. The best practice is to renew your insurance policy before it expires, but you can start it again after expiration. 


Written By : Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 18th June 2024


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