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Personal Baggage Under Car Insurance

What is personal baggage insurance?

Losing baggage during travel is fairly common. It can cause anxiety unless you have personal baggage insurance to adequately compensate losses.

Ordinary baggage generally includes clothing, toiletries, perfumes, bags, suitcases or other daily essentials. Its loss can cause travelers quite a lot of inconvenience, especially in a foreign land. Under such circumstances, baggage insurance can act as a stress reliever since it compensates total loss or total damage caused to your baggage by accident or theft.

Things to do if you lose your baggage after availing a personal baggage plan

-  Report theft/losses to the police or other local authorities.

-  Allow the company staff to properly examine the damaged baggage.

-  Give substantial evidence to corroborate the event leading to damage/loss of baggage.

-  Provide original bills of new items in the baggage.

-  The major documents required for filing a personal baggage plan include duly filled in-claim form, original policy documents, FIR copy in case of theft or similar incidents, photocopy of the baggage insurance policy etc.

How baggage insurance works

Baggage insurance can function as an add-on cover in car insurance , as a part of travel insurance or a standalone insurance policy. It is very important to know about its basic functioning.

-  The policyholder files a claim.

-  The insurer checks the eligibility of the claim.

-  Once the applicant is found eligible, the relevant documents are reviewed by the insurer.

-  The policy holder’s claims are thoroughly authenticated by the surveyor.

-  In the case of genuine claims, the claim is paid. However, if the claims are found false, then it is rejected.

-  In case the policyholder is dissatisfied with the claim, he/she can resort to legal measures.

Advantages of baggage insurance

-   It reimburses the cost of stolen or lost items.

-   Some plans cover expenses of lost or damaged luggage caused due to fire, riots or strikes.

-  Some premium personal baggage plans also include laptop, camcorders, golf equipment, mobile phones, portable CD players etc.

However, certain items such as gold, silver ornaments or any other precious metal are not covered. Similarly, luxurious items and contraband items are never compensated in case of losses/damages.

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