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Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Health Insurance Premium Calculator
Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Personal health insurance for you

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What’s in it for you?

Covers pre and post-hospitalisation expenses

Multiple sum insured options

Covers extended family including parents, in-laws and siblings


While your health is priceless and no one can put a number to it, preserving it and providing it the care it needs comes with a cost. With our Health Insurance Policy, we want to cover that cost, which is only rising due to medical inflation.

If you’re wondering how much the Health Insurance Policy would cost you – only a fraction of the actual medical cost in case of an illness or accident – you can get the answer instantly with the help of our online Health Insurance Calculator.

Our online Health Insurance Premium Calculator is a simple tool that’s easy to use and instantly calculates the premium amount based on the inputs given. Quick, efficient and reliable, it helps you calculate the policy premium for self (individual) and family members.

That’s a good question! The basic purpose behind the calculator is to make the first step of buying a Health Insurance Policy super quick and convenient for you.

Helps You Make an Informed Decision

Indulging in a quick cost-benefit analysis before you make a significant purchase is essential, we know, and our Health Insurance Calculator will help you do just that. You can get an instant estimate of premium on a Health Insurance Plan of your choice and see just how affordable our comprehensive health cover is.

When you have the numbers in place, you can make an informed decision and feel confident about it.

Quick and Hassle Free

The days of asking your neighbours and co-workers for advice before making an important financial decision are now long gone. Instead, you can simply log on to our website and use our Health Insurance Premium Calculator to get the information you need. It’s quick, accurate and hassle free.

No more being misguided by blogs on the internet or ‘friendly’ advice. Also, our Home Insurance Calculator takes the pressure off you to become the mathematician while trying to calculate premiums on your own.

Helps in Budgeting

We know personal budgets are just as important as the national budgets, because you too have your own goals to meet and challenges to deal with. Our Health Insurance Premium Calculator will give you the premium amount in an instant, so you can account for something as essential as a health cover for you and your family while preparing your budget.


Just like your health has several components like physical, mental and emotional, there are several factors that determine the Health Insurance Premium as well. Some of the important ones are as follows:

  • Age

    Being an early bird while buying a Health Insurance Policy, sure has its benefits. When you buy Health Insurance Plans at a young age, you are fitter and healthier. There are fewer chances of pre-existing diseases, which lowers the premium amount.

    Buying a Health Insurance Plan when young not only commands a lower premium but also makes you eligible for a high sum insured and favourable terms and conditions. 

  • Medical History

    A flawless medical history tilts the balance in your favour heavily while buying a Health Insurance Policy. A clean track record not only lowers the premium amount, but also expedites the entire process.

    On the other hand, if you have a medical history of suffering from ailments, critical and otherwise, then the premium amount is likely to shoot up.

  • Lifestyle Habits

    Do you prefer staying away from smoking and drinking? If yes, here’s good news for you. Premiums paid by a smoker is higher than a non-smoker.

    It is because Health Insurance Plans cover more risk for policyholders with these habits as they are more vulnerable to falling sick. 

  • Sum insured

    Sum insured is the amount of cover offered by a Health Insurance plan. In other words, medical expenses beyond this amount have to be borne by you. Premiums are directly proportional to the sum insured. It means higher the sum insured, higher is the premium amount. 

  • Type of cover

    You can either take a standalone Health Insurance Policy for yourself or a policy covering family members. In case of an individual policy, the premium amount depends on your age, profession, income, lifestyle habits, and medical history among others.

    On the other hand, for a Family Floater Health Insurance that covers all the members of the family, the premium depends upon the age of the eldest member covered.



Barely any! We just need some basic information to know what you’re looking for, so we can help with the same. 


●        You’ll first have to let us know whether you’re looking for an Individual or Family Health Insurance Policy

●        Then, tell us about the people you want to cover - self, spouse, children, parents, grandchildren, aunt, in-laws, etc.

●        Thereafter, select the age

●        You’ll need to select the sum insured. We offer plenty of options ranging from from 1 lakh to 50 lakhs so you can pick what best suits your needs

●        Let us know if you want a Pan-India cover

●        Finally, fill in your contact information like name, phone number and email ID 


And voila! You will have your estimated premium right in front of you with term options ranging from 1 year to 3 years. 


Written By: Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 22th May 2024


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