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Hassle-free Travel Insurance Tips
Jan 22, 2023

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be a saviour when a totally unexpected incident occurs while you are on your trip. People often overlook the cost of damages that may arise due to such displeasing situations and choose not to take travel insurance. However, there are numerous benefits of travel insurance that many people aren’t familiar with. From the loss of your baggage to cancellation of the flight to personal accidental covers, a travel insurance policy offers some amazing perks at a reasonable rate. People who frequently travel and work smart, always get themselves insured for a safe and carefree trip. Here in this article, we will cover what are the benefits of travel insurance and why you should invest in it while going on a trip. Let us start!

Key Benefits You Get With a Travel Insurance

The several useful and practical benefits of travel insurance justifies its rising popularity among travellers. Below-given are some of the benefits of travel insurance that you can avail by getting an insurance policy for your trip.

●      Save Money, Even on Cancellation of Trips

Trips can be highly uncertain. You can never be a hundred per cent sure on how the trip will go for you. Not to mention, various circumstances may arise that may lead to cancellation of the trip. In such a case, the travel insurance policy will reimburse you the non-refundable prepaid expenses incurred because of your trip’s cancellation.

●      Get an Instant Medical Evacuation from any Part of The Globe

Suppose you are on your trip abroad and an undesired accident happens. Foremostly, it will be stressing for you and your mates. But more importantly, it will cost extensively high to get you evacuated, back to your city. However, if you have your insurance policy, it will cover the costs of emergency transportation and evacuation services, and you will be able to save a fair amount of money while paying nominal insurance premium rates.

●      Lost Your Bag? Still Enjoy a Worry-Free Trip

Loss of baggage is a common happening in large airports, especially during international trips. To protect you against such misfortune, insurance policies cover the loss of your baggage by 50% of the sum assured in the policy. Different insurers offer different terms and conditions for this clause. Remember, while buying a policy, make sure that it also covers the valuables inside your baggage.

●      Stay Protected From Spendings on Personal Accidents

Accidents can happen unannounced. If you are planning a trip that involves adventurous activities, it is advised to stay protected under cover of travel insurance. Medical services outside India can be highly expensive. Travel insurance covers the costs incurred in the event of an accident.

●      Get Your Money Back on Missed Flight Due to Delays

Winter is here! It means flight delays all around the airports would multiply due to foggy weather conditions. You might lose a lot of money in case your connected flight gets missed because of a delay in your first flight. So to stay safe from situations like these, better get an insurance that covers your spendings on the flight tickets.

●      Insure Loss of Your Passport

There is nothing more terrifying than losing your passport in an unknown new country. However, it happens with people more often than you think. When it happens, you have to obtain a duplicate or fresh passport from the concerned authorities of that country that can charge you splendorous fees. But if you are insured, all the incurred costs will have to be paid by the insurer.

●      Get Emergency Financial Help on Losing Your Money

The insurance company pays you a specified sum as a fixed allowance in case you accidentally lose your money while on the trip. The reasons for loss of money usually are theft, misplacement of wallet, etc., which you should definitely check while buying the policy to prevent any later misunderstandings.

●      Flight Getting Delayed, Get Covered Meals and Accommodation

Some travel insurance policies offer you free meals and accommodation on the event of the delay of a flight. It ensures that you stay comfortable and stress-free under all situations and can even enjoy the uncertainties of your trip.

Is it Worth to Buy Travel Insurance?

Many people complain that they struggle to buy travel insurance as they are not sure if it is worth buying one. Well, the circumstances and requirements may differ for different people, and the decision should be solely made on that consideration. But looking at the potential risks and what is covered by travel insurance at a feasible price, it seems, getting one won’t harm your pocket. Besides, it will protect you from all kinds of unfortunate accidents and situations. So, all in all, buying a travel insurance policy is undoubtedly a profitable investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are a few trustworthy insurance companies that offer value for money policies? Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, etc. are some good insurance companies from where you can get value for money travel insurance policies.
  2. Should I Buy travel insurance every time I travel somewhere? Considering the multiple benefits of travel insurance, getting one every time seems beneficial. However, if you want to save some costs, you should become wiser and buy a policy after analysing your needs and the nature of your trip.


Well, I am pretty sure the question “What are the benefits of travel insurance?” must have vanished from your mind by now. Travel insurance is a wonderful way of securing you and your trip from unforeseen problems and circumstances. So consider your needs and requirements and select the travel insurance policy that suits you the most.

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