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Home Insurance Quotes Online Evaluation
Mar 8, 2022

Home Insurance Quotes: How to Evaluate Them Online?

Your home is one of the most invaluable investments that you make in your lifetime. The pride and satisfaction that one derives after purchasing a new house is unfathomable. Moreover, the excitement to design your new home as per your taste is just as much indescribable, i.e. a lavish, L-shaped sofa and a wall-sized TV unit are definitely a must.   But in between all this excitement to furnish your new abode, are you forgetting something crucial? You might be wondering that you already bought your perfect house and furnished it as per your imagination; so what more do you need? Well, the answer is home insurance !   Home insurance is, by far, the most reliable way to protect your house against any natural or man-made perils like storms, earthquakes, fires, burglary, etc. It is a foolproof way to protect yourself against any unfortunate and untimely events. All you need to do is pay a small amount (premium) to avail the coverage.  

How are home insurance quotes calculated?

Homeowners and tenants alike can purchase this type of insurance. The evaluation for home insurance quotes is done in the following manner:  

1.    Valuation of your assets

  • The total built-up area of your house
  • Cost of constructing per square footage
  • Value of contents to be insured like furnishing, appliances, jewellery, etc.

2.    Making use of a home insurance premium calculator

While deciding the value for your home insurance quotes, a premium calculator comes in handy.
  • Head over to your preferred insurer’s website and search for a home insurance premium calculator
  • Select the accommodation type, i.e. owned or rented
  • Enter the valuations as derived above.

What are the types of home insurances that you can avail?

There are two significant types of home insurance plans: structure insurance and content insurance.  

❖    Home Structure Insurance

The policyholder is insured for the damage to the structure of their house. Under this policy, the insurer reimburses the policyholder in case of mishaps or damages caused by natural calamities. Hence, homeowners are advised to avail a home structure insurance policy.  

❖    Home Content Insurance

Content insurance covers the cost of belongings as declared while availing the policy. The value of the contents is determined after factoring depreciation on the market value.   Home insurance quotes differ with the type of policy availed. Considering the various add-ons that one can opt for, these house insurance quotes can fluctuate.   The home insurance quotes for structure-only insurance is cheaper as compared to a comprehensive structure and content policy. While most insurance companies have plans based on the type of ownership, you can avail the one that suits your requirements.  

What are the advantages of using a premium calculator to compute home insurance quotes?

  Home insurance need not be bought the traditional way anymore. You can avail an online home insurance quote by merely visiting your preferred insurer’s website. Here are some of the factors of using a premium calculator:  

●     Simplicity

Getting house insurance quotes is simple with a premium calculator. Fill up the required details and you can know the premium for your home insurance policy within minutes. You can also increase or decrease the add-on covers to adjust the premium depending on your budget.  

●     All types of properties

A premium calculator can be used to calculate the policy cost for owned as well as rental properties. It doesn’t matter if you live in a rented home and still want to insure your furniture and appliances, you will be able to do so. All in all, our premium calculator will help you compute the right amount for your home insurance policy.

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