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Avail Cashless Health Insurance Plans by Bajaj Allianz
Jul 21, 2020

Cashless Health Insurance Plans in India

Health insurance is a service that can take care of your medical bills when you or your loved one face an unfortunate incident such as a severe accident or suffer from a critical illness. Health insurance policies have two types of claim settlement processes - cashless claim settlement and reimbursement claim settlement. While both the processes take away the burden of bearing the expenses related to health care services, opting for cashless health insurance gives you the benefit of saving your out of pocket expenses right from the beginning of the treatment.

What is cashless health insurance?

Cashless health insurance is a benefit given by an insurance company to its health insurance policyholders, i.e. you. This facility enables you to get hospitalized at any network hospital, without having to pay the hospitalization charges. This relieves you of major financial burden during the critical times of a medical emergency. Cashless health insurance covers you for hospital room rent, doctor's charges, cost of medicines, treatment cost and other admissible expenses.

We at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, have our own in-house health administration team to handle all the health insurance cashless claim procedures, thus making us one of the best cashless health insurance providers in India.

How to avail the cashless health insurance facility?

The cashless facility is one of the prime health insurance benefits that is useful during planned as well as emergency hospitalization. In case of a planned hospitalization, you must inform your insurer, i.e. us at least 3 days prior to hospitalization. In case of an emergency; the same must be done within 24 hours of hospitalization. This step is important so that the pre-authorization approval can be done well in time so that you can avail the benefit of the cashless procedure.

All you need to do from your end is provide the hospital with all the relevant details about the patient and the policy details, which the hospital would be sharing with us, along with the treatment details, to initiate the cashless claim process. We will then verify all the details provided by the hospital and send a pre-authorization approval to the hospital if the claim is admissible.

What are the benefits of the cashless health insurance facility?

The benefits of the cashless claim facility are:

Quality treatment - You can access cashless treatment in 6000 + network hospitals all over India with Bajaj Allianz's health insurance policy. All of these hospitals are some of the best hospitals in their respective cities and offer quality treatment. You just need to select your state and the name of your city from the drop-down boxes to get the details.

Savings - The biggest advantage of the cashless facility is that you don't have to make any major payments towards the hospitalization from your own pocket, except the non-admissible charges, such as non-medical expenses, service charges, administration charges, registration charges etc.

Hassle-free procedures - Cashless facility provides you with the financial relief and also ensures the smooth and quality treatment when it comes to dealing with documentation, as all the coordination takes place between the hospital and your insurer, i.e. us.

With Bajaj Allianz's health insurance policy, you can also avail the Health CDC Benefit. It facilitates you to settle your claims quickly through our App - Insurance Wallet, where you can register claims up to INR 20,000 from your mobile device.

In today's world, purchasing a health insurance plan is the best investment that you can make so that it becomes convenient for you to pay for accidental or any other hospital bills.  If you are confused between mediclaim vs health insurance then rest assured that the cashless facility is available under both of these options. It is an added benefit that you get with your health insurance or mediclaim policy, which can ease your financial burden and provide you with the required peace of mind in the crucial situations.

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