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Let’s play a quick word association game, shall we? When we say the word ‘internet’, what comes to your mind? Social media,Friends,Entertainment Ah, the gift of the internet. A time before

the internet is quite unimaginable to us now. If we push our imagination a little, we may conclude that it was boring and sort of like a dark age. However, it was safer by a massive measure

However, in today’s world, it is almost impossible to function without exposing yourself to the online world, at least to a certain degree. And this makes one very vulnerable to the flip side.

Identify fraud, Phishing, Cyber stalking

You’re potentially exposed to these threats almost every day. What do you do then? Stop using the internet? Of course not! You find a way to protect yourself from potential cyber threats and risks and Bajaj Allianz Cyber Insurance helps you do just that.

Realizing the growing need for Cyber Insurance in India, we designed our policy to support the Personal Cyber Insurance Market and became the first Indian Insurer to offer Cyber Insurance.

The internet is, perhaps, the best and worst creation mankind has invented. With its benefits of connectivity, communication and convenience, it brings with it a set of new-age risks. These can range from misuse of your financial information and data theft to cyber stalking and identity theft.

We at Bajaj Allianz, understand such new-age risk factors and their impact. Our Individual Cyber Safe Insurance Policy ensures that you get optimum protection against potential cyber threats and risks.

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The most dangerous thing about cyber threats is that they are usually not detectible until after they have already happened. Unlike a stalker in real life, a cyber stalker cannot be seen and unlike a suspicious person lingering near an ATM, phishers are hard to perceive. Considering all the possible cyber threats and risks you’re exposed to every time you’re online, we’ve designed our Cyber Insurance Policy to help protect you.


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