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Why Bajaj Allianz Householders Package Policy?

Ever wish that all new houses came fully furnished as a norm rather than an exception? After all, package deals give you better value for money and save valuable time

and effort in the process. Piecemeal purchases - furniture or pieces of art - are often impulsive, may not fit well with the overall decor of your house and over a period of time may become difficult to maintain. Home insurance plans are no different. You should not have to choose between protecting your house or the contents within. Our comprehensive householder policy covers both, depending on your needs!

Bajaj Allianz Householder Policy gives you all round coverage and is one of the most competitively priced home insurance  plans available today. When it comes to protecting your dear ones, Home insurance plans provide you greater control and predictability in the face of adversity. 

Whether you want to leave it behind as a legacy for your children or use it as an asset to secure a steady rental income, a home insurance plan is an asset that will serve you well.


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Comprehensive Householder Insurance for You


With Bajaj Allianz Householder Policy, other than an occasional coat of paint, any worries you might have about your home or property coverage will soon evaporate and you’ll feel financially more secure than ever before!

Key Benefits for Householder Insurance


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Interests of the insured and their family members in a single policy:

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Comprehensive Householder Insurance for You:

Predicting the future is best left to the experts; for the rest, Bajaj Allianz Householder Policy offers a way to secure homes from uncertainty. While modern homes are built to

be more resistant to natural calamities, the possibility of damage cannot be entirely precluded. On the other end of the spectrum, the possibility of events such as theft or riots also need to be taken into consideration.

Just like uninvited guests, these natural and man-made threats may knock on your door at any time. While you may still treat unexpected relatives or acquaintances with courtesy, threats like burglars and miscreants need tough security measures and a high level of vigilance. The Comprehensive Householder Policy from Bajaj Allianz help you fortify your home and protect your family against such risks.

Consider this: Most Indians prefer extra locks, grilles and multiple doors over CCTV cameras and other forms of electronic surveillance systems to protect their homes. The simple padlock may be significantly cheaper than sophisticated home security technology but is also much easier for thieves to tackle.

Whether you’re for or against adopting the latest home security systems, Bajaj Allianz Householder Policy serves as the last line of defence against the psychological trauma of financial loss, should the unthinkable happen to you.

For a nominal premium, our householder policy help you regain control after a tragedy and enable you to resume living a normal life once again. With friends and family rallying by your side for emotional support, our team at Bajaj Allianz moves quickly to settle your home insurance claims in a timely manner.



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