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Why choose Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Plus policy?

We all love a little extra something; whether it is an extra set of helping hands or extra time to complete an exam, it always comes in handy. Our Extra

Care Plus plan, a top-up health cover, provides an add-on cover to your existing health insurance policy. It acts like a ‘stepney’ to your health insurance policy after you use up your sum insured limit. Our Extra Care Plus is the top-up health protection your existing health cover needs.

Let’s consider why you might need this additional buffer. Imagine that an unfortunate incident lands you in the hospital. Your basic health policy is only going to cover a limited sum insured, leaving you to fend for funds at the worst possible time.

However, with Extra Care Plus, once your basic medical insurance cover is exhausted, this shield will kick in. It will help you clear the additional bills that your hospitalisation may rake up and pay the expenses incurred above the aggregate deductible opted by you. That’s why this top-up plan is a wise investment.

Also, consider the fact that with rising inflation a basic health insurance cover may not be adequate. Furthermore, a high sum insured may not be affordable. Hence, this policy is the perfect fit for a more expansive health insurance coverage to take care of the rising healthcare expenses. The best part? You don’t even need a basic health insurance plan to buy this policy!

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We offer a whole lot when it comes to Extra Care Plus policy

Key Features

We take your health insurance very seriously and we have years of experience and global knowledge to back us. We ensure that a safe and secure top-up health insurance plan will see you through an unfortunate hospitalisation. Here are the main features of our Extra Care Plus policy:

Top-up health policy

Pre-existing diseases cover

Maternity cover

Pre and post hospitalisation cover

Emergency ambulance cover

Floater cover for entire family

Entry age up to 80 years

No pre-policy check-up up to 55 years

Daycare procedures cover

To know more about our top-up health insurance plans, watch this video:.

Extra Care Plus policy pays the hospitalization expenses incurred above the aggregate deductible opted by you. Let’s consider an example of how this works:

Sum Insured: 10 Lakhs, Aggregate Deductible Opted: 2 Lakhs

Claim Details Date of Hospitalisation Total Claim Amount
(in Rs)
Deductible Utilisation
(in Rs)
Balance Deductible
(in Rs)
Payable by insured
(if any) (in Rs)
Payable under Extra
Care Plus Policy (in Rs)
Claim 1 10-Aug-2017 1,50,000 1,50,000 50,000   0
Claim 2 10-Sep-2017 3,00,000 50,000 0 1,50,000 2,50,000
Claim 3 10-Oct-2017 7,50,000 0 0 50,000 7,50,000

While a free medical check-up is an additional benefit for which aggregate deductible is not applicable, at the end of every continuous period of 3 years during which you hold the Extra Care Plus policy with us, we will reimburse the free medical check-up expenses follows:

  1. The actual amount of medical check-up expenses up to Rs 1000 for policy covering one member.
  2. The actual amount of medical check-up expenses up to Rs 2000 for policies covering more than one member under the same policy.

**On the health insurance premium paid for self, spouse, children and parents, the deduction can be availed up to Rs 25,000 per annum, provided the age of the individual is not above 60. If the premium paid by an individual is towards health insurance policy for his or her parent who is a senior citizen of age 60 or more, the maximum is capped at Rs 30,000. A taxpayer may, therefore, maximize tax benefit under section 80D to a total of Rs 55,000 if his age is below 60 and parents age is above 60. For those taxpayer individuals who are of age 60 or more and are also paying health insurance premium for their parents, the maximum tax benefit under section 80D would, therefore, be a total of Rs 60,000.

*Health CDC is a feature in the Bajaj Allianz Insurance Wallet App which enables you to raise claim requests up to Rs 20000 through the app. This is the easiest way to make claim requests as you


Cashless Claim Process

Reimbursement Claim Process


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Bajaj Allianz's executive very nicely elaborated the benefits of the policy. She has very good communication skills and explained very well.

Extra care and protection with our top-up health insurance plans!

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