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What is M-Care health insurance policy all about?

Introducing M-Care health insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz. Insure yourself from mosquito borne diseases like Dengue Fever, Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika Virus etc.

With the Bajaj Allianz Family Health Insurance If electric mosquito swatters or fly repellent sprays are a constant on your monthly shopping list, then you need no introduction to the misery that airborne vectors are capable of causing. A good night’s sleep is subject to the whims of these tiny little creatures in a country with a climate like ours. While you may be quick to spot a new anti-mosquito product at the supermarket, the results you get may not be worth the money you spend.

These techniques are, after all, quick fixes and do not protect you from getting infected. If you do fall ill due to a vector borne disease, you may have no provisions to cover the costs of treatment. Also, the cost of an average hospital stay can run into six figures very quickly!

Now, Bajaj Allianz M-Care health insurance helps you take on this health hazard and perhaps for the first time, win! We bring you a one of a kind health insurance policy that takes care of any financial setbacks that might occur due to medical treatment on account of vector borne illnesses. While a mosquito bite may hurt for a few seconds, any medical expenses resulting from it can take a much bigger bite out of your wallet and peace of mind. With Bajaj Allianz M-Care health insurance, you can now experience true freedom from worry. It’s the ideal health insurance policy for family that you may have been looking for!

Like soothing music, it can help you regain a sense of calm should the doctor’s diagnosis say that you have malaria or dengue. If diagnosed during the policy period, you are covered from any medical expenses. Unlike mosquito repellent, M-Care health insurance works!

Our cashless health insurance policy makes paying the bills effortless, leaving you cheerful both during and after treatment. With M-Care health insurance, you’ll have an aura that exudes calm and confidence, much to the surprise of your friends and family! We’re sure you’d happily tell them the secret- the first ever health insurance policy for family that exclusively covers vector borne illnesses.

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Key Benefits of M-Care health insurance policy

Regardless of the weather, Bajaj Allianz M-Care health insurance makes sure that you are never caught unprepared. In the event of a medical emergency due to vector borne illnesses, we even offer you a discount on premium if you buy the policy online! After all, a burden shared is a burden halved.

From diagnosis to recovery, you’ll surely feel the difference with the Bajaj Allianz M-Care health insurance policy cover by your side! Acting in tandem with your doctor, this one of a kind medical insurance policy helps you get back on your feet quickly by giving you comprehensive benefits:

Cover for all

Cashless facility

20% discount applicable

Lifetime renewal option

Free look period

Different sum insured options

Individual Health Insurance with a range of benefits. Watch the video to know more.


Cashless Claim Process

Reimbursement Claim Process


How many diseases are covered in this policy?

What is the eligibility criteria for buying this cover?

Does the policy cover the vector borne diseases from day one?

Is there any waiting period?

If there is any claim in my existing policy, is there any exclusion during renewal of my policy?


Rama Anil Mate Mumbai

The online health insurance policy renewal on your website is excellent, user-friendly, and smooth.

Suresh Kadu Mumbai

Bajaj Allianz’s executive has provide an extreme support and would like to appreciate the same. Kudos.

Ajay Bindra Mumbai

Bajaj Allianz's executive very nicely elaborated the benefits of the policy. She has very good communication skills and explained very well.

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Am I eligible for M-Care?

Frankly, no one should have to suffer from vector-borne diseases. Bajaj Allianz M-Care health insurance is ideal to ensure that you and your family are not exposed to such health risks. From the cradle to up to 65 years of age, our medical insurance policy gives you financial immunity that eases your worries. If you find yourself recovering faster than you anticipated, your M-Care health insurance policy might just have something to do with it!

Here are the eligibility criteria for coverage under this medical insurance policy.

Minimum Entry age for proposer/ spouse/ dependent parents – 18 years  

Maximum Entry age for proposer/ spouse/ dependent parents – 65 years

Minimum Entry age for dependent children – 0 days

Whether small or large, our health insurance policy for family gives you incomparable peace of mind, should medical expenses due to vector borne diseases arise.

Members Covered Sum Insured No. of Claims Admissible
10,000 15,000 25,000 50,000 75,000
1 Member 160 240 400 800 1200 1 Claim
2 Member-Floater 240 360 600 1200 1200 1 Claim
3 or 4 Member-Floater 320 480 800 1600 2400 2 Claims
5 or 6 Member-Floater 400 600 1000 2000 3000 2 Claims

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