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Our Motor Insurance Claims Process Is Simple And Easy

Claims Process

To register an insurance claim with us, you need to call us on the Toll Free Number - 1800-209-5858, post which you will receive SMS updates guiding you through each stage of the process.

The steps are mentioned below which you can go through to understand our insurance claims process in detail.

To locate a Bajaj Allianz Preferred Garage nearest to you call us at: 020-66439001/2/3. For claim register you can call us at our Toll Free number: 1800-22-5858 | 1800-102-5858 or, 020-30305858 (chargeable)

Note: Above numbers are available from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Step 1: Register your claim

Register your claim by calling us on our Toll Free Number: 1800-209-5858

For Theft Claims:In case of a theft claim, file a police complaint immediately in writing and inform us on our Toll Free Number - 1800-209-5858.

If your vehicle isn't found within 90 days, ask the police to issue you a Non-Traceable Report. This is an undertaking given by the police that they are yet to find your vehicle which you need to submit this report to us, post which we will start the claim.

Important To-Dos: Please read our section on Claim FAQ to understand benefits of Cashless claims* and Key points to remember while making claims.

Once the claim is registered, the customer support executive will provide you with a Claim Reference Number.

*Please note that the cashless claim facility is only applicable for Car Insurance Policies.

Step 2: Send your vehicle for repair

In case of an accident, take your vehicle to the garage (if movable) or have it towed to avoid further damage.
Post which, the surveyor will inspect your vehicle damage at the garage and give an approval after the assessment.
You will be updated through SMS on every stage of the claim OR you can call on our Toll Free Number - 1800-209-5858 and quote the Claim Reference Number to know the status of your claim.

Step 3: Survey and Claim Settlement

Documents Required: Submit the copy of documents to the garage / dealer and get it verified with the originals.

For Accident Claims

  • Proof of insurance - Policy /Cover note copy
  • Copy of Registration Book, Tax Receipt (Please furnish original for verification)
  • Copy of Motor Driving License (with original) of the person driving the vehicle at the material time
  • Police Panchnama/FIR
  • Estimate for repairs from the repairer where the vehicle is to be repaired
  • Original repair invoice, payment receipt (for cashless garage - only repair invoice)
  • Claims Discharge Cum Satisfaction Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp

For Theft Claims

  • Original policy document
  • Original Registration Book/Certificate and Tax Payment Receipt
  • Previous insurance details - Policy number, insuring Office/Company, period of insurance
  • The sets of keys/Service Booklet/Warranty Card
  • Original FIR copy of the complete theft report
  • Acknowledged copy of letter addressed to RTO intimating theft and making vehicle 'NON-USE'
  • Form 28, 29 and 30 signed by the insured and Form 35 signed by the Financer, as the case may be undated and blank
  • Letter of subrogation
  • Consent towards agreed claim settlement value from you and Financer
  • NOC of the Financer if claim is to be settled in your favor
  • Blank and updated "Vakalatnama"
  • Claim Discharge Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp
Additional documents in specific claims shall be intimated separately.

For Third Party Claims

  • Claim form duly signed by the insured*
  • Police FIR copy
  • Driving license copy
  • Policy copy
  • RC copy of the vehicle
  • Stamp required in case of company registered vehicle's original documents
Spot Settlement: If the loss is not much, we suggest that you avail spot settlement of claims through Bajaj Allianz Mobile Settlement Service.

Claim Settlement:

  • After completion of repair at a preferred garage we will make payment of the loss directly to the garage.
  • You will only have to pay the excess as mentioned in the policy and the depreciation value, salvage etc. as informed by the surveyor.
1. What are important things to do while registering a motor claim?

Always remember to note:-

  • The registration number of the other vehicle involved in case of an accident
  • The name and contact details of witnesses, if any.
  • Also, file an FIR at the nearest police station in case the accident causes damage to property, bodily injury or other major damages.
2. What are the costs that I have to bear in case of a claim?

The costs that you have to bear include salvage value, cost of depreciation, excess, compulsory deductibles and cost of consumables.

3. Will the claim affect my renewal?

In case, you file a claim for any kind of damages during the insured period at renewal, you will lose all the NCB that you have accrued over the years.

4. What is Cashless Claim?

We provide Cashless Claim Service wherein you are not liable to pay for the repair charges as Bajaj Allianz will directly pay it to the garage. However, depreciation, compulsory excess and consumables (if applicable) are to be borne by the customer. If you have signed up for cashless insurance, all you have to do is take your vehicle to any of our 1500 preferred workshops authorized to settle the claim. The workshop will follow up with us.

5. Where can I find the list of garages in my city where I can avail Cashless Service?

Kindly go through the list of Bajaj Allianz Preferred Workshops. Note: To locate a Bajaj Allianz Preferred Garage nearest to you call us at : 020-66439001/2/3. where you can avail the cashless service.

6. Do I need a FIR in case of any accident?

You have to obtain a FIR under the following cases:

  • Any third party injury or death due to an accident involving your vehicle
  • Any personal injury or death of a paid driver
  • Any personal injury or death of an owner-driver
  • Any personal injury or death of a passenger
  • Any third party property damage
  • Theft of the vehicle
  • Theft of accessories, stereo-recorders, other vehicle parts
  • Any loss or damage to the vehicle by miscreants, rioters, terrorists, arsonists, etc.
7. How do I get a claim form?

Please click here to download the claim form

8. What documents need to be submitted when I make a claim?

You will need to submit a claim form along with the following:-

  • A copy of the vehicle's registration book
  • A copy of the driving license of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • An estimate of the repairs
  • A copy of the police FIR / Panchnama in case of theft or any third party personal injury / death or property damage
  • If the vehicle is declared a total loss, either due to an accident or theft, you will have to provide the following documents - RTO transfer papers, original RC book, original insurance policy, the vehicle's original keys, a No Objection Certificate from you / financer for transfer of the vehicle, a letter of indemnity on judicial stamp paper of Rs.100 and a letter of subrogation on judicial stamp paper of Rs.100
9. How long will it take to process my claim?

Normally, it takes 10-15 days after submission of all the documents. This also depends on the type of loss, damage and the receipt of the surveyor report.

10. If my vehicle is repaired at any garage that I select, will Bajaj Allianz reimburse me?

Yes. Where your vehicle is repaired is up to you. In this case, you will have to first pay the repair cost and then submit the bills and cash memos to us for reimbursement. We will check the bills and repay you the amount spent on repairing the accident damages only, as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

11. What do I do if the vehicle is stolen and the original policy is lost?
You need to file a theft claim with us, please click here to download the claim form.
12. What if the accident takes place in a city other than where the policy was issued?

It doesn't matter where the accident happens. Just call our Toll Free Number - 1800-209-5858 and our Claim Service Representative will guide you through the procedure.

13. What's my liability if someone else is driving at the time of the accident?

Legally, anyone driving a particular vehicle has to hold a valid driving license for that category. As the owner, you must ensure that only those with a valid driving license are given control of your vehicle. Also ensure that no one drives your vehicle while under the influence of liquor or any other intoxicant. If the driver is intoxicated at the time of the accident, Bajaj Allianz is not liable for either damage to the vehicle or any third party legal claim.

14. Can I produce bills at the end of the year and claim for small repairs carried out?

No, a claim needs to be lodged immediately with us and will not be payable if delayed beyond a reasonable period. Moreover, accumulated damages are not payable.

15. Are servicing costs included in the claim amount?

No, your insurance policy does not cover any servicing costs.

16. On event of a claim can I get my car serviced at a garage of my choice?

Yes, the vehicle can be repaired / serviced at any garage of your choice. However, we suggest that you take it to any of the Bajaj Allianz Preferred Workshops (BAPW). Note: To locate a Bajaj Allianz Preferred Garage nearest to you call us at: 020-66439001/2/3.

17. What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

Immediately report to the nearest police station and contact our Toll Free Number - 1800-209-5858 to intimate us.

18. What should I do if someone makes a claim against me?

File an FIR. Record the name, address, license number and insurer of other drivers involved. Also note the registration numbers of all the vehicles involved, if possible. If the claim is for an accident, try to get names and addresses of witnesses. Do not make any admissions and do not attempt to settle any claim made against you.

Call us as soon as possible on our Toll Free Number - 1800-209-5858 and inform the Claims Consultant of what has occurred. We will do all we can to assist you through the claim process.

19. If I lodge a claim after the expiry of my policy date for an event that occurred during the policy period, will it still be valid?

Yes, you will be eligible for the claim even after the expiry of the policy date. However, you are required to intimate on the claim immediately at the time of filing the claim.