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International Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions for Multinational Companies


Global entities are rapidly maturing in terms of risk awareness and risk management, and many will already have a robust structure in place to identify and internally respond to varying risk types. At the same time companies are considering the benefits of migrating to a centralized risk management approach.

An insurer having access to a global network is one who is well versed in understanding businesses in diverse trade sectors and who can provide added value by tailoring insurance programs according to a client's diverse and changing needs and geography.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Global Risks Division co-operates with Allianz Global Corporate Specialty and offers you the best choice for a customized global service.

International Insurance Solutions (IIS) provide a customized service which responds to the cross border exposures of our clients while taking into account the regulatory and fiscal framework in which they are operating.

IIS is designed to align to what you need:

  • Efficient delivery of local policies
  • Provision of local services based on agreed service levels and timelines
  • Local claims handling, prompt local claims response and timely claims payments
  • Centrally managed risk consultancy services

International Insurance Solutions are tailored to provide the best security for your business and are supported by our extensive global network which can support Indian multinationals through International Insurance Programs worldwide in more than 160 countries.

Allianz Worldwide Network

Allianz Worldwide Network
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