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CashRich Insurance Plan


CashRich-Retire Rich

A retirement solution to help you with a regular inflow of money, and also maintain your existing lifestyle. Learn More


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Why CashRich as a retirement solution?

At retirement what we look at is financial security. A flow of guaranteed income provides that financial security.

Bajaj Allianz CashRich plan offers guaranteed cash back of 5% of sum assured per year along with a cash bonus, which would be your regular income.

This video will tell you more about the same:

Why do I need a Retirement Plan?

We work hard throughout our lives so that we can live comfortably during the best years of our life. Actually, the 'best years' begin when we are through with all our responsibilities of life.

After retirement, your regular income may stop but your expenses would not. In fact, they might increase.

Imagine a situation where you have a regular flow of income, even after retirement. A retirement solution would not only help you with a regular inflow of money but would also maintain your existing lifestyle so that you can Retire Rich.

Download our whitepaper on retirement planningDownload whitepaper on retirement planning


That's not all
Key features

  • Tax Exemption u/s 80C & 10(10D)
  • Accumulated compound reversionary bonus on completion of premium payment term.
  • Cash Back benefit of 5% of the sum assured plus cash bonus, if any declared every year, during the cash back period end.
  • Sum Assured plus terminal bonus, if any on maturity of the policy.
  • Select your policy term from 10 years to 65 years depending on your financial need.
  • Select your limited premium paying term (PPT) from 5 years to 30 years, in multiple of 5 only.
  • Pay your future premiums in advance and get benefit of appropriate discounts.

RightInsure Calculator

Are you right insured? Know your worth with Bajaj Allianz RightInsure amount Calculator.

RightInsure Amount Calculator


How does the plan work?
Here is an example

CashRich Example

Let's take the case of Mr. Sharma who decides to buy a Bajaj Allianz CashRich Insurance Plan when he is 35 yrs old with the objective of getting Rs. 27 lacs plus when he retires. So, he opts to pay premium for 25 years so that when he retires at 60 all premium payments have been paid. On basis of his retirement objective he opts to pay a premium of Rs. 12,036 monthly for which he gets a sum assured of Rs. 20 lacs.

When Mr. Sharma retires at 60 he will receive Rs. 27,26,490 as an accrued bonus and thereafter every year, till he attains the age of 95 years, he will receive cash back of Rs. 1,22,000.

(Out of this Rs. 1,22,000, Rs. 1 lac is guaranteed and Rs. 22,000 is non-guaranteed.) Mr. Sharma continues to get this cash back as regular income for 35 yrs of his retired life. When Mr. Sharma turns 95 i.e. the end of his cask back period - he gets the sum assured of Rs. 20 lacs under the plan as a maturity benefit. Further more, during the cash back period of 35 years, Mr. Sharma will continue to have a life cover of Rs. 20 lacs, thus offering financial security to his dependents.


Have a Doubt?
How much money will I need at retirement?

Retirement, it is often said, is the golden era of one's life. And rightly so, after all the retirement planning gives you the freedom to live your life your way. And for a completely peaceful retirement, one needs to start planning as early as possible.

  • Consider your present age, retirement age and age till when you would want to receive pension income.
  • Calculate monthly expenses, income and expected rate of inflation to get a picture of your expenses at retirement.
  • Evaluate all your current assets like bank deposits, investments, gold and other precious items and so on. Assess how much these would grow over the years to ascertain your future asset value.
  • Deduct the expenditure calculated from the future asset value. What you will get is the actual pension plan required.
It is recommended to start at younger years, since the premium payable will be less.

While all of us would like to retire comfortably, the complexity and time required in building a successful retirement plan can make the whole process seem a tad bit confusing. So, let us guide you through this process and show you how simple it actually is. All it takes is a little homework, an attainable savings, a disciplined approach and a long-term commitment.

Download our whitepaper on retirement planning  Download whitepaper on retirement planning

Retiring or Retiring Rich?

Retiring or Retiring Rich Let us guide you through this process and show you how simple it actually is.

Download our whitepaper on retirement planningDownload whitepaper on retirement planning


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