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Guaranteed Maturity Insurance Plan

      The only ULIP that

Guarantees to Double Your Money


Guaranteed Maturity Insurance Plan Benefits:

  • Guarantee of getting at least twice the invested amount
  • The flexibility to partially withdraw after 5 years
  • A single premium Unit Linked Insurance Plan ULIP
  • No premium allocation charges
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Introduction and Overview to Guaranteed Maturity Insurance Plan

FAQs - Guaranteed Maturity Insurance Plan

Bajaj Allianz Guaranteed
Maturity Insurance Plan Download Brochure
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Guaranteed Maturity Insurance Plan-Overview


Guaranteed Maturity Insurance plan offers guarantee to double invested amout. Your returns can be even higher.

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Guaranteed Maturity Insurance Plan-Benefits


GMIP doesn't just double your investment it offers a wide range of additional benefits too!

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Guaranteed Maturity Insurance Plan-Examples


Ravi just took a GMIP to grow his savings. Find out how much he’ll get back when his plan matures.

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The plan offers you the following key benefits:
  • Secure your investments with guarantee of two times the amount invested as maturity value.
  • No premium allocation charge
  • Option to buy multiple 'Guaranteed Maturity Certificates'.
  • Flexibility to partially withdraw units after 5 years
Parameter Details
Minimum Entry Age 8 years
Maximum Entry Age 50 years
Minimum Age at Maturity 18 years
Maximum Age at Maturity 60 years
Policy Term 10 years
Minimum / Maximum Single Premium
per Guaranteed Maturity Certificate
Rs. 5000
Minimum/Maximum Sum Assured per
Guaranteed Maturity Certificate
5 times Single Premium
The Sum Assured under the product will be 5
times of the Single Premium for the first policy
year and for subsequent years, will reduce to
1.25 times of the Single premium for age-at-entry
less than 45 years and 1.10 times of the Single
premium for age-at-entry 45 years & above.


Maturity Benefits

At maturity, you get the higher of:

  • The guaranteed maturity value of all the Guaranteed Maturity Certificates held, as on the date of maturity or
  • The total fund value as of the date of maturity.
Death Benefits
In case of death of the life assured during the policy term: The death benefit payable would be the higher of:
  • Prevailing Sum Assured reduced by the value of the units withdrawn through partial withdrawals from fund value in the last 24 months prior to the date of death or
  • The fund value as on the date of receipt of intimation of death at the Company’s office.
The policy will terminate on the death of the life assured

Surrender Benefit

You have the option to surrender the whole policy anytime from the 6th (sixth) policy year. The surrender value payable will be the fund value under the policy at the prevailing unit price as on the date of surrender. No guarantee is applicable on surrender of the policy.

Compare with Fixed Deposits


Age Maturity Age Policy Term Single Premium Sum Assured Guaranteed Maturity Value Fund Value at maturity@6% Fund Value at maturity@10%
30 40 10 5,000 25,000 10,000 6991 10297
*This is an indicative projection on basis of prescribed growth rate by the regulator. The above projection is based on 100% investment in ‘Guaranteed Bond Fund for any male or female healthy life and after service tax.

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