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Endowment Insurance Plan - Super Saver


Super Saver

A plan to help you save regularly.Learn More

Why Super Saver as an Endowment Plan?

Regular saving is the best tool to protect one's family. At Bajaj Allianz, we realise the value of your savings and present a non-linked, participating, regular premium endowment plan, which will help you to save regular amounts for a safer tomorrow. Also get extra benefits with guaranteed additions of 4% of the sum assured at the end of each policy year.

Parameter Minimum Maximum
Annual Premium Rs. 1,055/- No Limit
Sum Assured Rs.20,000/- No limit
Age at entry 18 Years 60 Years
Policy term 10 Years 30 Years

BALIC Claim Settlement Ratio

  • In FY-2013-2014 as on November 2013

    Total Settlement Ratio - 93.04%
    Total Repudiation Ratio - 5.16%,
    Total Rejection Ratio - 1.80%

  • Non-early claims with complete documents are settled within 30 days

  • Image - based processing introduced which has reduced the turn around time for claim settlement

  • Account value is refunded for repudiated Unit Linked policies

  • We pay 10.5% p.a. interest for every day's delay beyond 30 days from the date of last requirement received.

  • We have a very broad based Claims Review Committee to help arrive at best customer resolutions.

Not Sure?

Call us now at 1800-209-0144(toll-free) and we will explain all the salient features of the plan to you.

Why Bajaj Allianz?
Key Features

  • Tax Exemption u/s 80(C) & 10(10)D
  • Guaranteed additions of amount equal to 4% of sum assured at the end of each policy year, provided all premiums till date have been paid.
  • Policy shall remain in-force for full sum assured for 2 successive years even if you forget to pay your premiums on the due date.
  • Tax benefits on premiums paid and benefits received under Section 80C and Death Benefit, Maturity Benefit and Surrender Value are eligible for tax benefits under Section 10(10)D.

RightInvest Calculator

Do you have the right invested amount in order to reach your dream value?
Find out with Bajaj Allianz Right Invest Calculator!

RightInsure Amount Calculator


That's not all

Death Benefits

  • Sum Assured plus Guaranteed Additions plus the Vested Bonus.
  • In case of accidental death an additional sum assured shall be payable.

Maturity Benefits

  • On survival till the end of Policy Term the Company shall be liable to pay the Sum Assured plus Vested Bonus per Section 6 plus Guaranteed Additions per Section 7.

Loan Benefit

  • Policy loan equal to 90% of the surrender value can be availed under the plan.

Auto Cover

Even in case of non-payment of premium from second policy year onwards, the policy shall remain in-force for full Sum Assured for 2 successive years (auto cover period) from the due date of first unpaid premium and the Guaranteed Additions and vested bonuses as accrued till due date of the first unpaid premium shall remain attached to the policy. During the Auto-Cover period, the policy will not accrue any further bonus or Guaranteed Additions.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Support

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