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Health insurance policies by Bajaj Allianz can be your savior from the mounting costs of treatment, should you ever want to avail medical services. From heavy medical fees in case of illnesses to the accidental emergency case charges, health insurance can shoulder the financial burdens when you need it the most.

It provides protection to the insured as well as the dependents in case of a medical crisis. The best part is that buying health insurance online has become very convenient. You can choose from a wide range of plans to find one that fits your budget and requirement. This includes health insurance products designed to meet specific requirements, such as individual health insurance, family health insurance and health insurance for senior citizens. So quit worrying about the skyrocketing healthcare costs and safeguard your peace of mind with the Bajaj Allianz health policies.

Health Insurance Online Products

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Premium Personal Guard

Premium Personal Guard

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Silver Health

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Your life-style choices can make a difference in your health, and each stage of life brings different...

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Critical Illness

Critical illness - Keep yourself covered in the hour of crisis against critical diseases

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Save Tax with Health Insurance

It's common knowledge that buying health insurance helps you to save tax. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, you can get a maximum tax benefit of Rs.15000 on health insurance premium paid. The exemption limits are as follows:

  • An individual can avail an annual deduction of Rs.15000 from taxable income for health insurance premium paid for self and dependants. 'Dependents,' in this case, refers to spouse and children.
  • In the case of senior citizens (aged 60 years and above), the annual deduction from taxable income goes up to Rs.20000.
But here's a tidbit that might help you save more tax than you think:
  • If you are paying the premium for your parents' health insurance, you can claim an additional tax benefit up to Rs.15000 under the provisions of Section 80D.
  • If your parents are senior citizens (aged 60 years and above), the benefit goes up to Rs.20000.
However, there are a few conditions:
  • You cannot claim tax benefit on health insurance premium paid for your in-laws.
  • Proof of payment of premium has to be furnished, in order to avail the tax benefit.
  • Except cash, any mode of payment is acceptable for claiming tax benefit.
  • The health insurance premium must be paid from your taxable income of that year only if you want to claim a deduction.

The health insurance premium that you pay for yourself, your dependents (spouse and children) and your parents, are all considered for tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

*Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.

Why Health insurance

Why Health Insurance?

know about its importance

Health Insurance claim status - just an SMS away!

Health claim status

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What are Value Added Services (VAS)?

Value Added Services refers to advanced and/or additional services given to customers. You can save upto 30% on Medicine,OPD expenses and more value added services *

A Bajaj Allianz Health Card makes you eligible for a number of discounts at health and fitness centers across the country.

  • OPD discounts at select outlets.
  • Discounts on Pathologies at select outlets.
  • Discount on Radiology at select outlets.
  • Discounts on Wellness Test at select outlets.
  • Discounts on Pharmacy.
  • Many more lucrative health related offers at select outlets.

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Savings with Health Insurance Policy

Value added services

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Why Bajaj Allianz

  • More than 1 lakh claims processed successfully in 2013-14.
  • Approval within 1 hour for Cashless claims.
  • Value Added Service (VAS) partners providing discounts and special offers exclusively for our customers.
  • Tie-up with more than 4000 Hospitals and 1200 Diagnostic clinics across the country.
  • 24/7 call assistance for claims settlement.

Interactive Needs Identifier

Interactive Needs Identifier

Find out how much Health Insurance Cover would be adequate for you.

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What is the tax benefit available on purchase of Health Insurance? What is the tax benefit available on purchase of Health Insurance?

It's common knowledge that buying health insurance helps you to save tax. Under Section 80D.

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Your Health Insurance Claim Status is Just an SMS Away! Your Health Insurance Claim Status is Just an SMS Away!

We are always on better ways to make our customers' lives easier!

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Tips for choosing the right Health Insurance plan Tips for choosing the right Health Insurance plan

When it comes to health insurance, there's no one-size-fits-all plan that

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How can I find a Bajaj Allianz Network Hospital in my city? How can I find a Bajaj Allianz Network Hospital in my city?

Logon to In the Quicklinks for General Insurance Section, Click the dropdown menu.

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Extend Your Health Insurance Coverage with Extra Care Extend Your Health Insurance Coverage with Extra Care

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Health Insurance Portability Health Insurance Portability

With the onset of health insurance portability, people now have the freedom to switch from one insurer

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